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Hi everybody,   I'm looking for MTBF data for the ASA series firewalls, particularly the ASA-5525-FTD-K9, could anybody assist me with this information? Datasheets preferred but if you have raw numbers, also appreciated.   Cheers   Tom

tom-d by Level 1
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Hello all;   I have BGP peering between one cisco router and alcatel router. both routers are directly connected.each time that the physical link between the two falls, when comes up the bgp remains in idle state. to solve it, need to reconfigure the...

Out of curiosity, can anyone explain why BGP single customer router, dual-homed ISP configuration would be better than running an IGP or PBR for fail-over?

Scott_22 by Level 1
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At home 2811 + 3560. Help set up the IPTV prefix mag250 turns on but the screen is black. On mikrotik via eth1-10.x.x.x on dhcp iptv worksMikrotik: eth1, pppoe-out1-source-nat: masquarade + Igmp proxy Eth1 upstream, bridge-downstream.On cisco2811ip c...

boris95 by Level 1
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Resolved! OSPF force route

HiWe have our datacenter in our HQ.From the HQ we got two 100mbit dedicated fiber connections to our branch offices. We have two 2821 routers connected to those two 100mbit connections.Our core switches (layer 3) and the routers to the branch offices...

Hi,I have the setup in the attached image. Basically an SG300 L3 switch which I use as my core switch and 2 switches SG300-28 (for cameras) and SG200-50 (for PCs). They connect to the internet through a Cisco RV042. Both RV042 are in gateway mode. I ...

CiscoEng69 by Level 1
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Hi there! I'm trying to set up some static NAT on a router with a fail over WAN config using route-maps. For dynamic NAT, I have this config part, which works fine:   ip nat inside source route-map ISP1 interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0 overloadip nat i...

RemRem by Level 1
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Hello, I have problem with OSPF in my routers. Everywhere I found configure with this example command: hostname(config)# router ospf 2 hostname(config-router)# network area 0 BUT in examples is "config-router", for me don't, this...

Damlit by Level 1
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Hello, I currently have two routers within the same AS. Those two routers have IBGP session with one (the same) ISP router. In the objective to control all routes announcement i have implemented rout-maps in&out with the ISP router to apply MED 100 o...

We are getting a failover wan in the coming weeks and we have a Cisco 1841 as one of the core routers. I know from training that I need to be able to use the ip SLA commands to monitor ip addresses and when one becomes unreachable to no shut the othe...

Resolved! ttcp/iperf c3650

While trying to accomplish branch bandwith testing I noticed the ttcp function seems to have been removed in the newer 3650 platform, can't find any other documented way of accomplish this function on a 3650 switch, ideas ?

Bthene by Level 1
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Hello,  I,m a newbie and need our help, please. Can somebody say me what I do wrong here?   I can send from wireless notebooks to all pcs but from pcs in network 1.1 or 2.1 I cant send to notebooks in Default Gateway.

Denis01 by Level 1
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I was recommended ME3400EG-2CS-A with METROIPACCESS to use as a router for a project. It appears these switches do not support NAT? Is this correct?   I just want to make sure there is definitely no NAT support on these devices before I arrange to ha...

AquaGoat by Level 1
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Hi I have a setup with two routers, running ebgp with the DC (DC is providing internet access) routers using private AS. DC itself has connection through ebgp with ISP_A, from looking glass i can see they are advertising my subnet x.x.x.x/24 with the...

dfbnws by Level 1
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