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Just a curiosity. Is anyone else unable to abbreviate the 'eigrp router-id' command? Whether I'm configuring classic or named mode, I cannot abbreviate that command - even though there are literally *no* other matching commands! I should technically ...

mmanthe by Level 1
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Hello, I want to advertise a VPN client route to DMVPN spoke sites. VPN clients connect to the DMVPN hub which has EIGRP setup as follows;   router eigrp 10 maximum-paths 1 network (tunnel1) network (tunnel2) network...

mickd08 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hello Dears,   I am a little confused about dynamic inbound soft reset. BGP routing table got inbound and outbound updates without applying dynamic inbound and outbound soft reset. Could you explain a little bit more why we need to do dynamic soft re...

Hello everyone!I'm completely lost here, since I'm a newbie on this networking area.I recently had a problem with a cisco router 1841 that lost all configuration after a power outage. Long story short, i've been able to restore most of it, but i'm st...

mmunoz2000 by Level 1
  • 62 replies
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Hi,   I am using BGP advertise-map and exist-map to conditionally advertise a prefix from R2 to R1, only when R2 can receive default-route from R3. I am using "prefix-list" to match on desired prefixes.   R1 --- R2 ------- R3     !!!! ...

rick505d3 by Level 1
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I have been practicing EIGRP on the INE lab (topology included), and came across a problem. In the topology I want to do unequal cost load sharing on R6 to the destination R6 should load share some traffic to R7 and some to R1. The exac...

Hi, I have an ASR 1000x router that has to be connected with two fiber optic (ethernet link)  to two different brand router (not CISCO). My need is to configure or create a script that in case of one ethernet link go down all traffic will be moved on...

I have inherited a piecemeal network that has many things I haven't figured out yet. I'm no network engineer so I lean of the TAC for most complex changes.   I have an issue with our BGP changing routes today for some reason and I'm trying to figure ...

jacobyoby by Level 1
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