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We recently purchased a Aironet 2702 Wireless Access Point and are looking to set this up as a stand alone device, but been running into some trouble getting it configured. Has anyone done this before and would they be able to provide any steps they ...

bstraz001 by Beginner
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We have a setup as described in the attached picture,  I was wondering if someone could answer a couple of questions about it,  I'm pretty new to routing but have a passing understanding.  But I can't work out: 1.  All inter Datacentre traffic curren...

What is the default trunking mode on switches?I appreciate this might be a no brainer for most of you, but please bare with me!None of the switches below have been configured  This is the output from a switch running iOS (C3725-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Ve...

Hello ,I have a campus with around 20 distribution  4500X using classical EIGRP , i tried to install a new distribution 4500x and configure it using Named Based EIGRP , the neighbor ship didn't come up .can you answer me if the Router os Switch that ...

RKha by Beginner
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HI, everybody, I set on a cisco N9372 switch config NTP, show that why not to take effect.NXOS image file is: bootflash:///n9000-dk9.7.0.3.I1.1a.binconfig:Feature ntp clock timezone CST 8ntp server preferntp server sour...

zwgff by Beginner
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Hi guys, Just a easy question, my dsl plan should offer me a 24mbit connect but my Cisco 1801 only syncs at 11mbit.the provider told me i live to far from the dslam. But when i check my dsl status my attenuation is 22db that should be enough to have ...

rayrebel0 by Beginner
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Everybody is good, I have a few sets of ASR 1001x and 1004 routers, why front panel CRIT lights are red.But there is a ASR 1001-x equipment front panel CRIT lamp is quenched.why front panel CRIT lights are red, What reason, What method can let red li...

zwgff by Beginner
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we are going to use both ipsec and MPLS, any difference between L2TP and GRE, which is more cheap and more secure? besides L2TP and GRE, any other IPsec technique we can use? what's the advantage of MPLS over ipsec, if we have to choose either mpls o...

I was wondering if there is any support for virtual links in the IPv4 address family of OSPFv3. Has anyone seen it? I saw one article on Cisco's website that it isn't supported, but maybe it's an old article? Has anyone been able to make VL's work in...

Tim K by Beginner
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