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mismatch timers RIP

Hello;I want to reduce rip timers about point- to point interfaces to multipoint interface central router. is it possible to have different timers in the two routers? May I have any problem? ¿Can it bring me loops?These are my configurations:Remote-...

Resolved! Wan access

Hello Im trying to route traffic from my cisco 3550 router to the internet through my ISP provided router. i have configure DHCP on the 3550 router interface going to the ISP router- and can see it receiving and IP from an IP on the configuration pag...

user access verification screen

Hello everybody,I want to know that when we telnet a router we get "user access verification" followed by password : , I want add some more information in this like the hostname of router, and network administrator's name, How I can do this. Please h...

durgap123 by Beginner
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AS Override query

{ is advertised on R1 (AS 65457)} ••>AS (3549) -->AS (4058) ---->AS (17776) ••>R2 (local AS 65458) ••>R3 (local AS 65457) ••>AS 65000 ••>{ R4 (AS 65457) advertises}Scenario 1:                                              ...

Help interpreting IOS ip packet debug detail results to help resolve VPN problem?

Hello,I am trying to diagnose a IPSec VPN issue.  I can extablish  VPN.  Packets seem to be arriving.  They are being decrypted but they are not exiting the router.The setup uses an 1741w with 2 x ADSL router but for the purpose of my debug I have di...

3G over MPLS

Dear all,I currently have a 150 nodes MPLS network. My management is anxious to join some sites with 3G routers as their centres move around a lot.My current MPLS site as 4 x Ps with lots of PEs linking to the 150 x CEs. Is there a way to easily link...

happyatuni by Beginner
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Sorting the Routing Table

Using the "show ip route" command. First, how is the output actually sorted? Also is there any way to sort the table so the host or network routes are in order from to for example? Yes you could drop this to excel and then sor...

Resolved! Enable IS-IS HMAC-MD5 authentication

HelloWe would like to enable IS-IS HMAC-MD5 authentication on an production network for LSP authentication including LSP, CSNP and PSNP.The problem is that when we are applying the command  "authentication mode md5" under the isis process there is au...

avosdo by Beginner
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Resolved! Can't ping directly connected devices

I'm trying to configure a 2800 series router. I've done this a hundred times and just can't see what's wrong.Here's the scenario:I'm consoled in and put a basic config on the router (see attached). After putting this basic config on, I plugged it int...

Resolved! ISIS - OSPF redistribution

Hello everybodyWe are currently running ISIS and recently we have purchased 2 WS-C3750X-24. Unfortunately 3750 do not support ISIS and we have decide to use redistribution between ISIS and OSPF. We are using Stack feature so consider 3750 as one chas...

avosdo by Beginner
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Failover internet traffic router cisco

Hello,I wanted to configure failover internet between two routers Cisco 3800 Series.Each router is connected to an ISP. I have configured HSRP protocol on my interfaces and my HSRP configuration works well.I want to configure my routers to switch my ...

Regarding BITS and DTI

Dear Team,Why do we use BITS and DTI interfaces in routers and switches. How it works and what are the advantages of these interfaces as we can seen only in high end models.Thanks & Regards,Naveen

pause output and SIP

I have an 1841 as an edge router for a office of around 50 users. We are using a cloud SIP solution for voice only. We have been experieincing call quality issues and looking at the interface that is connected to our ISP I see pause output incrementi...