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Debug and Access Lists

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with a VPN tunnel to a vendor.   The design is   inside network----Firewall---router ---internet ---firewall--inside network.   The tunnel is setup on the router to the external Firewall.  The tunnel comes up howe...

Loopback Question

      I'll start by apologizing for a numpty like question !.We have a 2821 router (voice), we have 1 nic configured as the active nic on network and the other nic configured as standby, these in turn connect to our core switches wi...

sdawson35 by Beginner
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Strange NAT Behavior on 2851

So I have two networks that are connected together via a 2851 router running PAT as well as several static NATs.  Their network is a 192.168.x.x addressing scheme and mine is 172.21.x.x addressing scheme.  The other day the old router takes a dump an...

Resolved! rtr reachability with cisco 2901

Hello everyoneI have recently bought cisco 2901 in order to replace it with our 1811W that we have at the moment.When I try to set a failover / backup with rtr; it seems like the function is not valid.Once I select rtr and set the object #, the reach...

OSPF NSSA with upstream STUB?

I'd like to use OSPF NSSA in order to redistribute static routes into OSPF, but all I want from the upstream is the default route, like what I would get if I was using STUB.  I tried connecting NSSA to STUB in this manner:Upstream:router ospf 100area...

pashdown1 by Beginner
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QOS on 1841 with access lists?

I have new DIA Internet service coming in and unlike the last vendor who provided a router, I am configuring my own.  This is my first full Cisco config and I would appreciate any advice - I've been looking at this for 3 days now.  I have SIP signall...

Mid-range router

HiIs the 2851 router meet these requirments ? if no. What is the must specific series of the routers suitable for this requirments: 1. Comprehensive interface range supporting T1/E1, NxT1/E1, FE, and  High-Speed WAN 2. Wide array of Layer 2 access pr...

SRR-QUEUE IN Cisco 3750G

Hi All,I have Cisco 3750 G and the switch is my WAN switch, I have a 10 Mbps connected to it.I want to configure Srr-queue Bandwidth <10-90>      It is giving me an option only  10% onwards weraas 10% of my 1Gbps is 100Mbps. How can i configure for 1...