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Resolved! 2900 Series Router - CRC Errors

Greetings All,I'm getting CRC errors on one of my serial interfaces:#sh int Serial0/0/0:1Serial0/0/0:1 is up, line protocol is up   Hardware is Serial  Description: DHEC.800936.811.ATI   MTU 1500 bytes, BW 1536 Kbit/sec, DLY 20000 usec,      reliabil...

joseacruz by Beginner
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ipv6 NAT-PT configuration

Hi Expert,I am going to implement ipv6 nat-pt in production network. But before doing that I am working on LAB environment. But facing some problems. On cisco router IOS ver 12.4 I configured ipv6 nat shown as below:!version 12.4service timestamps de...

rahil khan by Beginner
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Resolved! Question about OSPF failover

Good day!I have a switch in my server roomI also have a switch at a secondary server room at a site 5 miles awayI have two separate LANEXs (1Gb each) connecting the switches. This is for fault tolerance if someone pulls down the fibre (as happened a ...

Resolved! Cisco 1900 series router with 3xT1 links

Anyone know if the Cisco 1900 series routers will support 3 serial T1 links?I see th 1900 series routers have 2 WAN slots (EHWIC) and was thinking we could install a dual T1 card in one EHWIC slot and a single T1 card in the other slot. Any ideas?We ...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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886VAW not syncing @ ADSL

Dear all,my newly purchased 886VAW won't sync. The link ( ISDN ) I'm running it off from runs nicely on my crusty-trusty 803. I linked the boxwith the cables supplied against the splitter as usual but can't seem to get a stable CD light ( constantly ...

Dan Jay by Beginner
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Resolved! Rommon versions for older routers

I'm putting together a lab to start on my CCNA and I've got two 3640s and two 2620s. I want to upgrade all of the units before I start on the CCNA and I'm having trouble working out what the final rommon version is for each of the routers.My 3640's a...

IP SLA design

HiWe have two data centres  A and BBoth are same in designDatacentre A:WAN router is connected to ------firewall-------firewall has many DMZ switches----------firewall internal interface is connected to core switch.....the core switch is connected to...

Trouble with ACL

I'm trying to add an extended ACL (120) to an 800 series router (887) using Network Objects to allow the management user IP range full access to IP services and restricted access to email only for standard user IP range. However as soon as I apply th...

eagletec1 by Beginner
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BGP Prefix issue

Hello, I am having a bit of a BGP prefix issue for my 2 external ISPs with a couple of class C ranges.  When I do a show ip bgp neighbor (carrier router IP) advertised I get the following:*>                  0         32768 i...

joneschw1 by Beginner
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Bandwidth getting out of hand

Hello,I am looking for some tips on managing my router. I have noticed lately our bandwidth useage has gone up and maxing our DSL line.Cacti is monitoring just for traffic trending and I am in the middle of getting NetFlow going.Our router sits on th...