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            Router Information:C1905 Router, 2 GE, HWIC-1T, CAB-SS-V35MT, 256F/256D, IPBase  V.35 Cable, DTE Male to Smart Serial, 10 Feet  IP Base License  for Cisco   1900  AC Power Cord (Brazil), C13, NBR 14136, 2.1M  Cisco 1900 IOS UNIVERSAL  Dat...

Hi,I have a client with the following issue. Their ISP refuses to provide infrastructure (copper pair) with signal to noise ratios that would support even moderate DSL speeds. Ironic too that the switch is only two blocks away. It's in a rural area. ...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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Dear all,If I have two E1 router directly connected each other by using G.703 unframe method for data transimission. How to configure the router? Any sample configuration?   Thanks!               

acbennyma by Beginner
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                   helloi found that there is a field in RIPv2 header that is : routing seems to be like a process id (like vlan id) so that routers that do not have the same routing domain will not process RIPv2 packets. 1-am i right ?2-ho...

ohassairi by Contributor
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Hello,I am struggling to get this working afetr spending many hours looking at it I am now completely stuck. We are upgradng from a 857W to this 887 VA-M I have some experience of IOS and the 800 series. Our 857W works perfectly using almost the same...

antonical by Beginner
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good morning alli have two question what is the difference between local vlan and distributed vlan how i can configure each ( what s the difference in configuration ) what i know is that we configure vlan in the core switch with this commandip dhcp p...

Hi all, can I install and Cisco WAAS and Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module (NAM) together on a single Cisco Service-Ready Engine (SRE) 910 module? Or it can only run 1 of the software?Thanks

We are planning to get a 500 Mbps point to point Ethernet connection  between HQ and DR. Can we just put 2 switches on either side and  configure them as trunk ports and Span the VLANs across the 2 sites? Do  we have to give any special instructions ...

Resolved! ASA QOS Question

New Location. 1.5mbps DSL. A few phones, thin clients, and one desktop.Simple setup : 2960 ------ ASA ----- ISP (DSL) 1.5mbps up/downCouple questions:1. I have theoretically 1500000bits to allot out in this policy map. The desktop,thin clients, and d...

For network module cards that take other cards, like the NM-2FE2W cards, when there are other cards (like WIC-2T cards) installed in these network module cards, how are the ports on the installed cards uniquely identified? Is there another level due ...

acyr by Beginner
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Hi does the SNT-SMARTnet 8x5xNBD (8X5XNBD) ,allows me to open TAC Case for configuration and Design ? i have an ISP ProjectthanksJamil

Hey guysI have 4 ADSL lines from the same ISP going into one Cisco 887VA router. Does anyone know how can I do load sharing between the 4 lines without getting the ISP involved?At the moment I have route maps and policy based routing but that only wo...

Resolved! Error with tclsh

Dear Fellows,I believe that I should have started with this issue because I cannot run tclsh on a multilayer switch.When I try to execute "tclsh" command I receive this message:SWITCH#tclshTranslating "tclsh"...domain server (X.X.X.X)% Unknown comman...