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Dear Experts,We have applied Policy-map for limiting the BW of our Proxy server up to 20 Mbps.Internet Link BW = 80 Mbps.Connectivity :Internet Cloud ------ Internet CE router --------- Firewall -------- LAN ------- Proxy Server  We have applied foll...

Hi,I have configured new DS3 link as below.Also GRE tunnel build on it.EIGRP running between tunnel interfaces.EIGRP is flapping every minute , i dont found any packet drop between 2 routers WAN interfaces, but ping stcuks for some time.During this t...

Good evening everyone;I have a cisco router 1921 with 2 ADSL card, I want to establish dual balanceISP1:,ISP2: / 0 you

Hi,I want to ask, if it is possible to have l2tp xconnect networks, and to do ipv4 default gateway on one of the xconnect peering devices for that network ?If I configure xconnect on an interface, I cannot configure IP address on it. I can teoreticly...

Hi,I've a question related to IOS shaping tools (e.g. CB-shaping and FRTS)...Consider for instance a default FRTS configuration for a serial interface (frame-relay traffic-shaping configured at interface level):R1#sh traffic-shapeInterface   Se0/0   ...

Gurus,     Ok, I recently recieved the EHWIC so I can eliminate a cheap switch at our remote sites, and have POE as well so I can power the IP phone and camera.  I have installed the card into the router and it has no problems recognizing the card, p...

bschaper by Level 1
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Hi All,I want to go for ISP level redundancy,  with Dual internal Internet routers.  Public IP range is of /23. I want  BGP announcement of my discrete address block (e.g. /24) to their peers, in addition to the entire aggregated prefix (e.g. /23).H...

Hello,I have an application running on a private IP. The IP address is and port numbers are 18082 and 11909The client software I have installed in the remote place and this system should get access to the server.  I have a public IP 205...

HiWill the  EHWIC-DSL-VA-A= work on a 1841 router, i know the HwIC-1ADSL was what was supported on the 1841 router but its now no longer orderable.many thanks

dumisanid by Level 1
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Hi all,I need to understand the difference between "total drop" and "no-buffer drop" in the output:Router#sh policy-map int gi 0/0 GigabitEthernet0/0   Service-policy output: SHAPE-OUT    Class-map: class-default (match-any)      441790059 packets, 2...

c.valenti by Level 1
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                   Hello all,Wondering if anyone can explain/help me understand the following situation:The primary had a flap on HSRP and since recovered, however the secondary continued to flap between active > speak, speak > standby. The primary s...