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Cisco 878 restarting during config

Hi Guys,               I have a peculiar isse, when I try to configure the controller dsl interface on 878, it starts restarting, it is actually running the latest IOS , any advice would be helpful, here's the output.Router(config-controller)#mode at...

Resolved! wan link failover

Hi,I have cisco 1841 router at our brance office.We have two ISP Link- one is bsnl which is connected at serial0/0/0 , another is reliance which is connected at fe-0/0/2 .reliance  link is working through static routebsnl link is working through ospf...

QoS for Video conferencing

Hi guys,I'm having some issues with classifying video conference traffic for QoS on our WAN link.This is the config i'm using: (partial)class-map match-any VIDEO match protocol rtp video policy-map QoS-Policy class VIDEO    bandwidth 1024  set ip dsc...

ja raju by Beginner
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Oops ... Flash deleted

This weekend I have been working on new Cisco switches for our new office. Last night a series of storms came through our state and a a result power to our current office was lost for a few minutes. I was in the process of downloading the latest Flas...

Resolved! 2610XM throughput?

Hey guys,I have a Cisco 2610XM (256MB DRAM / 48MB FLASH) set up as a WAN router, routing from FA 1/0 to FA 0/0 FA 1/0 is a dhcp client and FA 0/0 is a dhcp pool server.Everything works fine except my router is capping out at about 8MB/s download spee...

load balance with 2 isp and static nat

Hi,This is the senario,There are two internet connection one is dsl broadband connetion,other is a pool of public static ip.Objective               1:     internal mail server should publish on internet with static nat.               2:     some of t...

Sihanu N by Beginner
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Resolved! bandwidth remaining QoS config

I just wanted to confirm my understanding on a sample QoS configuration I created here.policy-map child class video  priority percent 10 class voip  priority percent 15 class replication  bandwidth remaining percent 50 class gold  bandwidth remaining...

Traffic policing

Hi .I need to do some traffic policing. I have 2  IP in my LAN who needs diferentiated policing. - policing 500k - policing 1MI have configured the class-maps as folow. class-map match-any SG1match access-group 161class-...

Resolved! New MOE Connection Problems

Hi All,   I've just turned up a new MPLS MOE connection between a new site and and the HQ.  Currently all the other branches are running another providers MPLS network, and we're working on transitioning to this new carrier.  I was expecting to route...

Ed Willson by Beginner
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Questions of Network Infrastructure Design.

Hi guys,I'm facing problem to design my network infrastructure.Wish to get some expert advice from here.I have 2 BGP routers in my network, the models Cisco 7200I named it as BGP 1 & BGP 2,Please find the my current network design,BGP 1          BGP ...