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Buenos días,   Estoy teniendo problemas con un cliente debido a que el collector no descubre 6 switches del siguiente modelo: 4 son modelo   Cisco DS-C9124-K92 son modelo   Cisco DS-C9148S-K9   El cliente me dice que ya tienen configurado la comunida...

Our access switches are covered under [Product ID - Unique Serial#] setup.Ex:Product ID: WS-C3750X-48P-SQuantity: 10Unique Serial Number: FDO1111111** 10 C3750X are covered under this unique serial number.

I'm experiencing the same issue as found in   Earlier this week, I did the same thing, deleted inventory and old coll...

Hi Team!  I hope you can help me with this: I was trying to access via GUI to the admin user in a CSPC, but I couldn´t since it shows an "Invalid credentials" message. I tried to reset the password with the recovery questions, and then the fo...

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I'm trying to install a Trial of CSPC with my CCO but it gives me this error when I set up "Register the collector without registering with any service (trial)" and my acount, so I can not move forward. please your support to resolve that.

a.delgado by Level 1
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