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4500E firmware bloat?

Hi, Just noticed that there seems to be some firmware bloat on the 4500, sup8 train, curious is this is correct or not.  In 3.6 the non-crypto and crypto are similar in size, from 3.7 onwards the crypto is over double the size. IOS-XE 3.6: cat4500e...

Resolved! Cisco 3850 Stackwise

Hi All, I have just installed Cisco IOS XE Denali 16.3.3 version on my 3850 switch model WS-C3850-48P-E. By installing this version I should be able to enable StackWise Virtual Configuration but for some reasons I'm not able to use this command in gl...

Resolved! Cisco 3850 Stackwise&Stackpower

Hey All, I want to know if Catalyst 3850 with 48 ports( WS-C3850-48P) can support Stackwise and Stackpower technologies ? If no please give me an example of the model which would be able to do this. Much appreciate your help!

IP SLA up and down

I have issue  about  config IP SLA This's Here my config ip sla  track 3 ip sla 3 reachability ip sla 3 icmp-echo source-ip timeout 20000 threshold 15000ip sla schedule 3 life forever start-time now But I seeing show logging. It...

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Catalyst 4500 and Avaya phones

Hi guys . We have a ESR 4500 connected to Catalyst 4500.  Dhcp server is running on Catalyst and when I connect Avaya 9608 phone  to ERS I can't get IP from DHCP server , only waiting LLDP message ,also I connected 9608 to the port of Catalyst (sw mo...

WS-C3850-48U running 03.07.05E - Stack Member 2 - POST: Inline Power Controller Tests : End, Status Failed

Hi all,  We've deployed a couple of WS-C3850-48U 3 stack members running 03.07.05E and noticed that Stack member 2 (which is also the standby) was not providing any inline power. When troubleshooting the first stack member, we first thought it was fa...