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I'm trying to update Visio documentation for our Nexus 9K & 2K environment.  I'm trying to find which Uplink Port on the 2K is connected to which Fabric Port on the 9K.  From show interface fex-fabric I can see the port on the 9K is Eth1/19, but Fex ...

I have a 2951 router at a satellite office and I am trying to access it directly from my desktop in the corp HQ. I am able to SSH into the core switch in the satellite office with no problem, but when I try to ssh to the router it does not work. I am...

We have inherited a network that is based upon two core 4507R's that are using an IOS that is approximately 5 years old - believed to be 15.1. From a security perspective, is there any merit in upgrading the IOS? Thanks

Docklands by Level 1
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Good afternoon. There are 2 ISR4431 routers, there is an AS with an address pool. There are 2 providers with 1Gb channels. I want to implement a fault-tolerant scheme and increase the speed of Internet access. Connect 2 routers to two providers (BGP)...

brat33333 by Level 1
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Hi I read about the Process Switching and Fast Switching in the Cisco documents, and the explanation about the two subject is the same. The only different that I saw there was that in the process switching paragraph was written that the first packet ...

Dear all, I have a strange issue I can't clarify, I have build an Catalyst 3850 switch stack, with 3 3850-24P and 1 3850-12S switches. Switch Ports Model              SW Version        SW Image              Mode------ ----- -----              -----...