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Hello guys, Your help will be very apreciated on this case. I am asked to shutdown unused interfaces, exemple bilow : Is there any way to shutdown intefaces when last input go above an amout of time ? Thanks GigabitEthernet1/1 is down, line proto...

hi.sadiki by Beginner
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Hello, i am having trouble getting 2 PC to ping each other on 2 differnent vlans that i have set up on my cisco 3750x there is vlan 10 - ip address  PC1 that is connected to this is - - and vlan 20...

I need some guidance of how we can simultaneously achieve QOS classification with F3 and M1 cards on the same chassis. Knowing both cards uses different QOS structure, we are having issues in classifying traffic as those classification cannot be call...

oqureshi by Beginner
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Struggling w/ VLANs/VRFs in a virtualized environment and am hoping that someone can provide a little guidance.  My experience with VRFs is in a true MPLS environment, but VRF-lite is confounding me. The architecture is pretty straightforward:  estab...

seanpetty1 by Beginner
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Hi, Attached is the topology of network I have created. On R4 when I check the BGP table, it shows RIB failure. I tried to fix it but unable to find the issue. Can Anyone help. Thanks in advance. Outputs:  on R4 RTR4#sh ip bgpBGP table version is 2...

girish_p1 by Beginner
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Hi Experts, Greetings!! I have few queries Regarding switching concept for more than a years still i couldn't find solution for that. Hope i will get solutions for those here. 1.what is maximum Physical switchports in a single switch ? 2.Does mult...

Hi , On switches C3650 (L3) whichi is ios-xe, I'd like to configure rate limit on interface vlan using QoS. Can someone give me some configuration examples? My end devices are connected on L2 switch e.g. 2960. In this case, should I also configure Qo...

h.dam by Beginner
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1) A networking device that plays an important role in directing network communication is called a Router.A) clientB) serverC) hostD) router In my opinion the answer should be Router because thats the only device in this list who is able to direct th...