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CDP reflection across trunk

Hello, I have a 2960 switch with two trunks i.e. one trunk to another Cisco switch and the second trunk to a Ruckus wifi access point (which is controller based and tags the different SSIDs that it services). I am finding that I am receiving CDP adve...

2960S-24P POE switch issue

Hello everyone,  I have a question that is perplexing me.  Yesterday we had what we believe was our first 2960s failure after our refresh of of all our edge switches.  When we got to the switch it was Flashing orange on the left side for status and t...

Geister29 by Beginner
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Cisco 2801 Router's Console Port Not Working

I  have issue with Cisco Router 2801's Console Port. My student was doing a  lab and he said during configuration, Console Port stopped responding.  He was in middle of configuration, so now at present, only telnet is  able to login on "R2>" user mod...

Inline powered WAP connected to an SFP module

Greetings all! I have an Aironet 1142 WAP in autonomous mode with inline power that I would like to connect to a SFP module to make use of the 1GB link capabilities. The switch is a 3560 V2 series PoE-24 with a GLC-T 30-1410-03 B2 V03 SFP module. ...

RickGiles by Beginner
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my router cannot ping to host but ican ping to this host by pc in same network iwant to know reason this problem

. my router cannot ping to host but ican ping to this host by pc in same network iwant to know reason this problem Current configuration : 5188 bytes!! Last configuration change at 22:03:12 gmt Thu Jun 2 2016 by admin! NVRAM config last upda...

HSRP issue

9(Dears, I have two floors in my company first floor (site A) has two Core switches 3750 configured with HSRP (Active and Standby) HSRP is working fine, once the active core goes down the standby became active one, the other floor (Site B)is same has...

QoS on Catalyst 3850-24XS-E

I am currently using 2 x Catalyst 3850-24XS-E switches to provide 2 x 10G interfaces for a pair of 8510 wireless controllers. Which are then running 2 x 8G portchannels to 2 x 6509 cores The reason is there is no 10G connectivity in the core. My ques...

Cisco 1801w VLAN configuration

Hello, I have a problem configuring multiple VLANs on my 1801w. I don't have any issues with current config where only native VLAN configured. Need to configure 3-4 VLANs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. configuration... ... !ip cefno ip dhc...

Resolved! QOS on LAN

Hi, We would like to configure COS/QOS in our LAN as shown in diagram attached. My question is where is the best way to apply all QOS classification/marking , setting and  apply policy map  in our LAN for Voice/video and data. We are planning on cor...

OSPF Hierarchical network

Hi  I know OSPF operation, I have done configuration many time. I would like to know what is hierarchical network design in OSPF, 1. why do need that ?  2.How to design that ? 3. If not have hierarchical design what happens? Please answer.

New to networking, Hardware question

Hey all! I've just started with networking and was wondering how you know if the device you are working on is a router or a switch. Do you show version and look up the model number on google? I have had some confusion because I know there are some L...

Resolved! Route types

As per my thinking / study so far, directly connected routes are mainly a types of static routes. Is my thinking right ? Can anyone help ? If not please give me proper document link.

olly ahmed by Beginner
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