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Catalyst 3650 48ps-s Not c Express Setup

HiI have just bought a 2nd hand Catalyst 3650 48ps-s. I have been following these instructions but whenever I go to it shows . In the instructions, it shows something else it is meant to show. I have reset the unit multiple times but still c...


DAD link c9407 VSS

Hi I have configured 2 x 9407 as VSS running IOS Gibraltar-16.12.4When i fail the VSLs (currently running 2 x 40g) between the SUPs, the active switch shuts down as its suppose to. When i replace the VSLs, the switches recover as they should do, but ...

DMZ and Perimeter zone on the same switch

Hello ,   Is it a good practice to have my perimeter zone ..routers etc.. (say in vlan 10) on a switch and then have my dmz (say vlan 20) connected to the same switch? Each zone will be in a dedicated vlan , but on the same switch. Of course a firewa...

marine253 by Beginner
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Resolved! Catalyst & Nexus speed compatibility

Hello Everyone, We want to buy CISCO NEXUS 9300 new switches in our Enterprise. These switches will be used as Core and distribution switches. In our network we have switches with 100 Mbps et 1 Gbps. While I searched the CISCO NEXUS 9300 switches, I ...

Sm-es3g-16-p baud rate issue.

I have a c4331 router with a SM-ES3G-16-P service module installed. The SM-ES3G-16-P lost the IOS during an upgrade. I attempted to perform an xmodem with Tera Term, during the procedure I set the BAUD rate of the SM-ES3G-16-P to 57600 as is typical ...

Resolved! 10 Gig interfaces limited to 1 gig vlan.

Hello, I have the following setup in my data center for connectivity from multiple cores to multiple edges (each edge connects to multiple providers). Edge-1  Ten 2/1 <-----------> Core-1  Ten 9/1 (VLAN 961) Edge-2  Ten 2/1 <-----------> Core-1  Ten ...

isco C9404R direct ping nd telnet problem

I have a Cisco C9404R(new) core switch in our datacenter. We configured it and make it running . But because of some configuration issue we reset the switch by erasing nvram and then configure it again. Now this switch running ok but we don't get the...

Sarbojit by Beginner
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Resolved! upgrade c1100 isr ios-xe from 16 to 17

Hello, we have unboxed c1111-p4 router  with ios-xe 16.9.5 (Fuji) with bootstrap 16.9(1r) install on it. For now Cisco recommends to install 17.3.3 MD. Please help us  to find right documentation for this task, or explain shortly how to solve this is...