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I am curious if this is possible to resolve congestion.   Currently you would have an OSPF network with 1.3 gigs of traffic flowing to a point in the network that has multiple paths. However one of those paths is 1 gig and the other is only 500 mb.  ...

digisnoc1 by Level 1
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Hi,I am confused. I have a SX20 Codec connected to a 3750 switch. The port that it is connected to has the "mls qos trust dscp" command configured on it. When I run the "show mls qos interface <interface number>" command, I get the response that the ...

jironside by Level 1
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Dear all,strange errorconfiguration 2 vlandata 10voice 20when I ping from the router or from a switch  to the voip phone(vlan 20)  I'm expereince packet lost cisco2960x#ping repeat 20Type escape sequence to abort.Sending 20, 100-byte IC...

hello to all,I'm experiencing a strange behaviour on NEXUS5548 with Release 6.0(2)N2(5)We've a vPC domain ID 1 with 2x 5548 and vPC domain ID 2 with 2x other 5548vPC domain ID 1 is connected to vPC domain ID 2 with a vPC configured as trunk 802.1q tr...

oguarisco by Level 3
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I am looking at security on remote switches. I will be using port security on most switches, but this seems to be set on individual interfaces.My example is, I have a site with 5 desks and 10 users may visit this site over time, but these users may s...

Hello, I have a cisco SG500-28 with firmware and boot. I've got a VLAN 1 as default and vlan 32 as Voice VLAN, when I enable the Telephony OUI with our telephone oui mac address and enable the telephony OUI interfaces, the phones r...

 Hi, We have deployed LAN network on 4507E x 2 switches. VSS feature is running on these switches; during failover test backup switch is being working  fine in VSS environment & it takes up himself as active, but the anxious issue is when active swit...

Hello dear community, I have a problem with my several SF300-08 Switches. They lose their uplink port without any interference my myself of my employees. We aI configure the uplink correctly and it works for some time but then the port changes and di...

esuchanov by Level 1
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