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2960 switch issue

Im not a cisco person but know some command. Our cisco network was setup before I came here and was given this issue to fix.I have a problem that I dont know how to fix. Our lan is subnetted out to different VLANS. I have one switch that will not pin...

Frank Wolf by Beginner
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Resolved! videoconferencing-Qos

Hi,We are having the attached videoconferencing setup (Polycom) with  our branch office. This setup is working fine over site to site vpn tunnel and we see a better voice & video quality all the time except during peak hours.  Since we are sharing th...

Shibu1978 by Beginner
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Resolved! QOS - Policy map question

Hello - Basically I just want to know what will happen to traffic with the class-maps and policy-maps as per below.From this, I understand it so that the traffic will match the 'class-map ABC' however as this is not applied to the interface vlan 100 ...

Interface reset....

Question a few days ago, I did a small lab this morning.When I unplugged the ethernet link (2950 into a mini switch) the interface reset counter did not increment.When I turned power off for about 10 seconds, then back up to the mini sw, the reset co...

question about vlan tagging

hi ,i want to ask a question about the tagging in switcing .assume i have switch and f0/1 is connected to pc   , f0/2 is connected to another switchf0/1 is access with vlan 10f0/2 is trunki want to ask , when will the frames of f0/1 be tagged with vl...

837 vs 877 vs 887 as bridges

Hi!We need to use cisco adsl router as a bridge to dial multiple adsl connections from our firewall. We have cisco 837, 877 and 887. May we know which one can give us best performance if used as a bridge. We know using these routers as a bridge is a ...

Question about VSS on C4506E(Sup-7E)

Hi Experts, I have a question about the Supervisor Engine 7-E in Cat4506E with VSS mode. Refer the newly release note for IOS XE3.4.0SG,"When you use WS-X45-SUP7-E in RPR or SSO mode, only the first two uplinks on each supervisorengine are available...