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Hi , I have 2960 cisco switch. I want to configure private vlan. But it is not getting configured in cisco 2960. Is there any other way to configure that in switch.Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

Good nightCustomer has a 6509 switch in VSS-mode configured with may interface VLANs. No routed physical interfaces, only switched ones.The idea is to enable netflow into this switch to collect data regarding flows and sendo to a netfow analyzer (Ori...

Hi allWe have a C3560-8PC switch (small, fanless switch) connected to a C3560G-24PS on a trunk port.If I where to add port-security to that port on the big switch, would it only see the mac-address of the small switch or also of the clients connected...

I did some searches on the Internet regarding that question, and I think:- CAM table (or MAC table) was stored in DRAM of routers (or switches)- Modern routers or switches use a seperate memory to store CAM table. This memory can be referred to as CA...

echipbk12 by Level 1
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Hi everybody.How is everybody doing?  Good news I failed the CCNP tshoot today. Actually, I failed all CCNP exams the first time. I am going to retry in a week.I ran out of time at trouble ticket 7. Hopefully, I will not disappoint you guys next time...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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Resolved! Share an ACL

Hi all,Question, is it possible to share an ACL over multiple switches? We have a C3750 stack, a couple of C3560s and 2 C3550s. I want to make an ACL for our Access Points and place it on the ports to which the Access Points connect. It would help if...

Hi,I am new in implementing ospf routing, i am bit confused on network statement and redistribute connected subnets advetisement my objective here is only authenticate or secure ospf neighbor. Say for example, I have 4 vlans configure its with HSRP a...

On a VLAN I enable IGMP version 3:interface VLAN20 ... ip igmp version 3 ...with "show ip igmp interface" I see: Internet address is IGMP is enabled on interface Current IGMP host version is 2 Current IGMP router version is 3Questi...

grodoni by Level 1
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Hello,Here I have some questions about a "basic" topology with 3 switches.I have 3 switch inter-connected ( two are Catalyst 3550 and a stack of two Catalyst 3750).Here a little exemple:( /!\ All of my link are up, in trunk 802.1q mode).the configura...

Dear all,I'm new to Cisco Nexus.  Does anyone knows where i can get some high-level training (don't need the details) as i just need to understand some high level concepts and design guidelines for it.Short simple videos will be perfect, but online l...