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Nexus 7K 10G Line Rate Ports (?)

It was my contention that, according to Cisco data sheets, the Nexus 7018 can deliver 768 10G ports at wire rate (non-blocking - no oversubscription), when deployed with 16 F2 48-port 10G line cards and 5 Fabric 2 modules.Someone answered me by sayin...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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AIS vs Remote Alarm Question

Hello,I work for a company that provides WAN connection to very large well known companies. I have always wondered what the difference is between an AIS alarm and a Remote alarm. The ones that I am speaking of are lised in the output when the followi...

Resolved! cisco 3750 FastEthernet question

Hi all,I have a sorta silly question here. I just got a 3750 and all of the ports say they're part of FastEthernet3. So to check port 48, I would type:sh int fa3/0/48I was expecting to have it be FastEthernet0.I figure this is because of the Stacking...

tabiv by Beginner
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ASA 5505 license question

Hi,We have an ASA 5505 with the base license (10 users), we recently bought an upgrade license for it for 50 users but when we try to activate it says we need a service contract for this, Is this correct? I've searched for info regarding to this but ...

Resolved! Router upgrade

                   Cisco 2811 Router is installed currently with c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T.bin IOS image. We are planning to upgrade the IOS.Should I upgrade with "c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.151-4.M4.bin" OR "2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.151-3...

Resolved! Lan to Internet traffic

                 We have confirmed all internal traffic trying to access the internet getting to the Cisco 3750 stack but nothing leaving going through external interface to the internet.We have an MPLS router with external interface configured with ...

pain112 by Beginner
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Hello,What type of twinaxial 10GB is the rigth cable if I want connect two catalyst supervisors (two 4500/6500) with 10GB uplinks?.Do I need use active or passive ?.Is enougth with the SFP+Twinax cable like SFP-H10GB-xxx ? or do I need an aditional p...

Ethernet1/10 is down (DCX-No ACK in 100 PDUs)

Hi Guys,I am recieving the following error messages for one of the interfaces connected on N5K switch which went down.I did a shutdown and no shut and everyting was back to normal , however I would like to know the root cause of such a problem and ho...

QOS in C3750G Switch

Dears ,i have the following configurations for QOS in my 3750 switch & i need to understand these configurations in details as i`m not experienced in QOS configurationsmls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 26 32 46 48 56 mls qos srr-queue input bandwidth 90 10...