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WS-C3750X to stack with other WS-C3750

Hi,Customer had purchase WS-C3750X series switch and they try to stack with existing switch WS-C3750 series. Is it workable? I try to do a stack in my lab, but it not able to work. My WS-C3750X is running in LAB base and WS-C3750 is running in IP bas...

john_lee by Beginner
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Cisco 877 Load Balancing with external router

Hi,I have a cisco 877, internet connection is on ATM0.1. I have a LAMP server running on my LAN, using NAT to point the public IP. I also have 3 IP camera and one DVR on NAT.I wish to connect another external router which is running on 3G Wireless WA...

pcdoctorsg by Beginner
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Resolved! ip pim, DR election is somehow related to forwarder election?

HI, friends  . I have some questions about PIM dr and forwarder election.here's my topologyR1(f0/0)-----------(f0/0)R2(f1/1)----------------(f1/1)R4                |                                    |                |                               ...

jean tang by Beginner
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Router on the stick

Hi folks,I have configured vlan 2 and vlan 3 on my switch and  trunk them to my router and I do have connectivity between those two  vlans..When configured  the router sub-interface f0/0.1,f0/0.2 and f0/0.3 I have used the  fallowing ip address 10.37...

Nexus 5K trunk to catalyst 4506

Have a dotq trunk configured between my 4506 and Nexus 5K, I have a GLC-T gbic in the 5K (temporary 1Gig  trunk) I have 2 Nexus 2Ks attached to 5K (FEX) with a web server attached to one of the 2K switches.Problem is I CAN ping all devices attached o...

file transfer stalls until target is pinged

Hi All,I have a weird problem that essentially involves the following structure:I have 3 cisco boxes (A, B, and C) and each has a pc/mac. For simplicitly, assume client 'a' is connected to A, 'b' to B, and client 'c' to C.A/a/B/b are in one building,...

HP procurve 4108 and cisco 2960

I am trying to trunk a couple ports on my hp switch to a couple ports to my cisco.Config for HP:interface G7    no lacpexitinterface G10    no lacpexittrunk G7,G10 Trk1 Trunk spanning-tree Trk1 priority 4spanning-tree Dyn1 priority 4Cisco:spanning-tr...

cheapcco1 by Beginner
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Port Security Question

Hi:I was having a port-security problem today on a 3750 switch.The troublesome port, Gi0/36, had only one computer connected. Whenever I enabled port security on the port, it immediately went into an err-disable state.i even tried allowing 100 mac ad...

MrTone123 by Beginner
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storm control test

Hi,I have a storm control configured on an interface of a cisco switchI would like to test if that feature works or not. Is there a free tool or traffic generator software I can use/install on my laptop and plug my laptop on that interface and sends ...

Aun Iqbal by Beginner
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