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I am new to cisco and my company is transitioning from support soho to small and medium size business. I have found my self in a situation looking for the appropriate solution.My needs are: 48 port switch/PoE - vlan support - I am going to be setting...

jmitchell by Level 1
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Hi I have a WLAN controller which falls in to GRUB mode.It appears Cisco bug CSCsd52483 has affected it and Ciscos solution is to replace the controller. “CSCsd52483—When you make changes in the bootloader of a 2006 controller or a Controller Network...

Hi allI got a stack with 2 3750g switches  they perform like a layer3 router, but I notice the  CPU is very Highany advise too low the cpu activity. I got a router conected to this small switch stack(layer 3) and also connected with a user switch.we ...

Hello Y'all,I have a problem accessing a recently returned Catalyst Express 500 24 port switch by a client who complained that 3 ports were bad. I intially thought it was a problem of misconfiguration as regards VLAN configuration or some other type ...

Hello!!We are having some problems with the following:We have an uBR10000 with MC520U_D_connector connected in the slots. The issue is that all the cable modems connected to one of the upstream in one of the cards stays at the state initial and they ...

Resolved! IOS Question

I have a 3750 Stack and I issued the term len 0 command so I could copy a running conifg. Stupidly what is the command to undo the term len? I tried no term len 0 and it kicked back a bad syntax.

nshoe18 by Level 1
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Based on attached diagram, R1 peer with RR1 via directly connect interface, R2 peer with RR2 via directly connected interface.If the interface, eg R1 to RR1 interface is down, then R1 will no longer any BGP routes.What if I iBGP peer R1 and R2 via th...

tckoon by Level 1
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Hi All,What are the criteria we have to check befor buying a BGP support  router .?I am planning to buy cisco 2911 .Do i want to check the IOS ver ? Memory ?Please help ........RegardsTint-UK

Hi I want to prepareto convert a pair of C6K5 to VSS. fortunately I have two spare-chassis and two spare SUPs. I plan to just replace the SUP with the right config on it.Unfortunately I do not have the same Line-cards as Spare which I have in product...

Dear All ,Im facing high CPU on one of my 6500 switch . I disabled snmp and other needed servicesThe process ARP input is eating my CPU . 9    31665192  52171399        606 53.31% 65.13% 72.53%   0 ARP InputAny idea . I will for sure rate the useful ...

Haris P by Level 4
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6513 with sup 720's on Version 12.2(18)SXE2I have a default route but I want to start using a second internet pipe, for certain segments.Essentially I would like particular SVI's to use default route A and the rest of the SVI's to use default route B...

I have 2 switches connected via Trunk Link 10/100 Base-T Ethernet. The first switch is 4507R series and the second 2950 series.For test reasons we would like to reduce the real  bandwidth of this trunk link to 256K.Is there an easy way to do it.Moses

We have an issue at present were 2 different ibm chassis's with cisco os-cigesm-18tt-ebu switch modules.  on certain blades we have setup trunk link with about 4 vlans.  What is happen for example when the server's on each blade start to backup they ...

Hi,I have two blade system's with ESXi hosts on few servers, all ESXi servers are connected to two cisco switch in blade enclosure.Both ESXi adapters are in active mode.All ports on the blade switch are configured as trunk with several vlan id (same ...