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I have few Switches configured in STP mode RSTP with portfast default, portfast bpduguard default.What can be done on SW1 for STP convergence time faster FOUR times the other switches?I am thinking to change max-age to 5 second on SW1 as default on o...

Hello,I have today my datacenter (quite small - 25 servers) sharing the same IP range as the LAN users.Everything is working on'd like to split this LAN network into 2 LAN:datacenter will still get (laptop/pc) ...

MAGMAJAZZ by Level 1
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I have read many threads on this subject, and have not been able to get any of them to work...My problem started by saving a config file onto the 6500, and subsequently when the 6500 is booted, it comes back with the error about the first file on the...

fosterl2 by Level 1
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Hello,I have a stack of two 3750G, with two lyr2 VLANs configured: one for data (VLAN 100) the second for iSCSI traffic (VLAN20).I know I can set the global mtu to 9000 (system mtu jumbo 9000), but read that you may also set mtu per VLAN, through the...

Resolved! class of service

Hi Hatem Generally speaking , how many class of service are available in most of the service providers and from your experience with SP and enterprise  how may classes the enterprises should consider  , to have their business better supported by  SP...

Howdy,We have an OSPF network here with 3750s as the core network switches at points around the ring.  Each of these switches has an IP address that it interfaces to the next point in line, as well as an IP address for management on the switch itself...

Hi guys,I'm planning a budget for next year and trying to figure out how much to bill this department as they want to loan some of our switchports. I would like to know if anyone use a formula/method or what to consider when calculate switchport cost...

zappo0305 by Level 1
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Hi,       I would like to know whether a particular command can be executed on a particular IOS. I have gone to Cisco Feature Navigator pasted my IOS but its not showing that particular command .i want to see if "neighbor X.X.X.X password" command ca...

cisco by Level 1
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HiCISCO 3650 G 24 ports switch%CDP-4-DUPLEX_MISMATCH: duplex mismatch discovered on GigabitEthernet0/24 (not half duplex), with Switch GigabitEthernet0/1 (half duplex)I am getting thismy all 24 ports are setup as duplex auto but still getting thisPle...

We have been having an issue with our Catalyst 3560 switch running IOS 12.2(37) where the devices plugged into it can run a continuous ping without issue within the same VLAN fine but when we disconnect the CSU connection from the router the switch s...

jhussey by Level 1
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Dears,       anybody can help me in access list to restrict vlans in my core switch. I have 3750 core switch created 7 vlans.interface Vlan1 description core & mangment ip address!interface Vlan2 description edge switch ip addr...