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Currently we have a 4507, with a root id of 32768 the default value "that is in our colo fascility", that is connected via a metro-e ethernet switch to our 3560 99.254 which is configured as our root switch with a root id of 4096, and we have a secon...

We have a consultant installing VMWare.He wants what he is calling a trunk port on the 6509.He says he will tag both VLANs the the virtual switch will carry to the 6509.I am taking this as he needs a trunk port on the 6509 allowing both vlans, neithe...

I have a 6500 series switch case with a 48 port gig switch card, and a supervisor card (WS-X6548V-GE-TX.I am trying to build a routing table but am having problems. i can enter in a routing statement i.e. (ip route x.x.x.x x.x.x.x x.x.x.x) into the c...

Resolved! PAgP and lacp

hi every body!I need some help with following scenario: suppose we have two switches,sw1 and sw2.sw1 is connected to sw2 by f0/1,f0/2 and vice versa. Both ports are configured for trunking on sw1 and sw2.I want to use etherchannel which will consist ...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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Hi everybody,I configured 'logging buffered 100000 debugging' on my Catalyst 4507R, IOS 12.2(40)SG, but it doesn't produce any log when I disconnect or shutdown a physical interface.Do I have to configure something else?RegardsStefano

s-durando by Level 1
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Hi folks,I am currently in the process of auditing network ports in a certain vlan to see if they need to stay in use or not. Is there any way (show command)that I can reliably tell if the port is in use still? I check the counters and the status of ...

I need to setup a 3rd router in BGP and HSRP.These routers are all 3640's.The routers only have 2 interfaces, 1 Fa0/0 and Fa1/0.0/0 is WAN and 1/0 is LAN.My question is, what is the best way to setup management via SSH to the VTY lines from the LAN s...

pipsadmin by Level 1
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How default route works as configuring a gateway for a subnet works and understandable but by adding a gateway for different subnets through default route it start to understand all the subnets.So my question is that default route packet adds some so...

Hi,In my companies network L3 VLANs are configured on "Firewall" and I want to move it to "Core Switch". But my coluige is not supporting it, according to him all the VLANs should be on Firewall, he is saying that it is recomended, Please let me know...

I have active SUP 32 running s3223-adventerprisek9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF6.bin in sup-bootdisk. But my standby SUP 32 is running bootdisk:cat6000-sup32pfc3k9.8-4-6.bin. How do i upgrade the standby SUP 32 to same IOS as in active SUP 32.thanks in advanceK

Hi folks,if I have 2 switches with only one link between them and no redundancy then add a new switch which has a lower BID than the other 2 switches over a single link do all my ports on all my switches transition into the listening then learning st...

d.hodgson by Level 1
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Ok, so I posted before about the basic syntax. I'm trying to get the basic principle of what to do:I have two WAN statics. One I've assigned to the outside interface of the firewall. The other I assume I don't actually assign to the LAN server, bu...

Armegeden by Level 1
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