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I am trying to find out if Cisco Switch (C2960X) can be connected to 5 ISPs simultaneously?If so, can the switch disconnect from one ISP and be connected to another automatically in times of a fail over? Please explain so i understand. Thank you.

I have a proposal to provide two 3800 L3 switches in a stack, now I need to change the model from 3800 to 9300. What are the advantages with this model and precautions I need to consider during procurement?I need ACL and IP routing on the new switche...

avilt by Participant
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I'm familiar with a lot of location codes, but I haven't seen this one.  Typically F = Flex or Foxconn.  And I would expect catalyst switched to be made in China. But I'm just looking for confirmation of the specific manufacturing site.  Help is appr...

Greetings all. I know the answer to this issue is "MTU mismatch," but in this case that is not the problem. Here is the output from the new 2951 router:#sho ip ospf nei Neighbor ID     Pri   State           Dead Time   Address         Interface <snip...

m.glosson by Beginner
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Hi,Just wondering if someone has experience working with different voltages and Catalyst switches. This may be a no brainer but something we have never done before.We are rolling out a large number of Cat 2960's and 3750's. In one area of our campu...

We have a Cisco Switch 4503-E, it restarts when you connect a cable in any ethernet port. After the reload it works fine but if you connect a new cable or change anyone it restarts again.  I am thinking in a bug but the IOS does not have any bugs rep...