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I found that the new auto-wake on detected presentation source introduced in the TC7 software version is stopping me from improving our meeting rooms.I would like to move away from having 1 vga cable for Cisco and 1 for direct connection to projector...

javinodr1 by Beginner
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We have a weekly meeting that occurs where we would like to have the main board room as the main window in our bridge call. Can we configure that setting inside of TMS? I know we can do it in the bridge but we would like to do this from TMS. ThanksRB

Hello, I would like to have a clarification about AD integration with existing TP infrastructure.We have A VCS-C 8.x, VCS-E 7.2.2, TMS 14.3 with TMSPE.We need to have our Video Jabber users using their accounts and authentification from existing user...

Hi,Is there any way how to verify outgoing packet marking from TX and CTS Immersive systems on the system itself please?Can I find it somewhere in the logs? In which one please?I can see packet marking for incoming packets in Call Statistics but not ...

jvodny by Beginner
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