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Resolved! NX5K FC port location requirements after installing expansion module?

Cisco requirements state "FC ports should end on last port of the module".. I would assume that means last port of ANY module and not the last ports of the "last module"?Just confirming when installing a "n55-m16up" (16 port expansion module) into a ...

F0283 Error

hi all,I see this error affecting my M72KR-E adapters.  I can reset connectivity with the DCE to clear this error, but it just keeps coming back.    I'm on 2.0(1x) right now ... and my M71JR-E.Q adapters don't get this error.Any thoughts?Thanks,Cy.  ...

nexus 1000v and vmfex

Can vm-fex and nexus 1000v be on the same service profile? I currently have a profile that has 10vnics, 2 of them used for 1000v and the othr 8 is on standard dvswitch. I did this because I antd the option to migrate back toa dvswitch incase soething...

Dragomir by Beginner
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Resolved! NPIV in VMware for UCS

Hello,Let's say I'd like to configure NPIV in my vSphere environment in order to virtualize EMC Networker server which needs connection to a backup library. In this particular case, how does the vSphere NPIV interact with the NPV of the Fabric Interc...

dani_bosch by Beginner
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