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Hello,More and more of our customers using UC320W are now requesting the ability to press star, pound, or some other predefined button to go back to the AA menu if no one is picking up the extension. Especially the business owners or other people fam...

nekeyllc1 by Beginner
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Inbound and outbound calls are working fine.Inbound calls answered by agents then transfered to external numbers working fine.But Inbound calls were forwarded or diverted directly (Call forward) by CME to external numbers have no audio.Signalling wor...

Hi all!!I have connect with success two spa8800 to trasfer 4 line to other 4 telephone!!All working from one side :i can call with telephone, good quality good sound but i dont know because don't arrive the call, the telephone don't ring!!!!I have fo...

Hello,My goal is to limit individual voicemail message length to 1, 2, or 3 minutes maximum.  For some reason, whenever an incoming call goes to voicemail, and the person hangs up, the call is not being disconnected.  That said, I looked at the post ...

jeandemo39 by Beginner
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Imagine button with Extended Function defined like this:fnc=blf+sd;ext=*F1234@$PROXY;sub=*D7*1234@$PROXY;vid=1according documentation, the button should subscribe to line *D7*1234 to show it's state ('blf' function) and dial the *F1234 when pressed (...

Dan Lukes by Advocate
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