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Add a 0 (Zero) to Incoming CLI

Hi GuysI've searched the net and tried various things but I cannot seem to get this to work on our UC520.I basically just need to add a 0 to incoming CLI so that I can match them against numbers in the directory and also to enable re-dialing.I've tri...

jdinsdale by Beginner
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MOH with distorted sound

Hello,We have SPA9000,400,942,504,525 configured. We are getting distorted sound when the call is on hold, uploaded MOH file is through tftp server in .dat format, less than 1 min at 8000hz as documented. The .dat audio file has been played and check...

CO Line Share Barge In

UC560 has CO line apperances on Buttons.Ho can you setup such that you can barge in and join the call when the light is lit red?below is support information:voice-port 0/1/0 connection plar opx 3A10 description Configured by CCA CO Line - 0/1/0-CO0 c...

david by Beginner
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Multiple Line apperance

Can anybody help point me with the following??I have a UC560 and several SPA525G phones.   I would like the users extension to show up on multiple lines.  This makes it easier for the users to switch back an forth between calls that they have on hold...

jon.kelly by Beginner
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Conference and voice mail on UC-560

HelloI have the UC-560 with 64 licenseI have many SPA-504G and SPA-502G ip phoneHow many(maximum) simultaneous call can be supported by this uc-560 ?How many(maximum) simultaneous conference can I have ?How many(maximum) user can I have in one confer...

nicanor00 by Beginner
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13 Problems with the SPA525G

Firmware: 7.4.41. The soft-keys at the bottom of the screen aren't drawn over the background, instead the background is cut-off and they are drawn over a black line.2. If <Cfwd_All_Act_Code> is empty the 'Forward' soft-key no longer works.3. The wind...

gareth by Beginner
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Resolved! UC560 and multiple MOH

A UC560 prospect has 3 businesses operating from the same office. Each business has their own 800 number and they would like their own unique MOH for each business. They are a small company with 35 phones total and are only looking to buy one phone s...

lbroering by Beginner
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CCA wiped out several settings

Hi,We set DID-numbers and busy triggers are CUE-Extensions menu but if I change a setting of an Extension in CCA it completely wipes out :- Secondary number- huntstop channel- no huntstopEven if I change one small thing. Wh does it have to rewrite al...

Adding a Switch to the UC520

Can I use any smart switch like the SLM2024 with the UC520?  Is there any configuration issues I would need to be aware of.  As far as I can see it does VLAN and QoS so is there a need to get the ESW line.Thanks.