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Hello, Cisco Community,With the recent announcement of multiple vulnerabilities in Cisco IOS XE Software Web UI Feature, CVE-2023-20198 and CVE-2023-20273 respectfully. I have taken to closing any holes that afflict our environment. My concern (howev...

aavnet89 by Level 1
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Does anybody here have installation examples (pictures) especially from a Cisco 2602/2702/2802 with the external antenna AIR-ANT2566P4W-R in a warehouse enviroment and a installation on the ceiling?   Thx in Advance      

Hi All, I am currently planning a migration from a Cisco 5508 WLC with 2800/3800 series APs to a 9800 with 9100 series APs. We are looking to install the new 9100 APs in parallel to the existing and then migrate a given area by disabling the 2800/380...

dm2020 by Level 1
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I was wanting to implement FlexConnect. I had a question regarding the best practices or recommendations regarding FlexConnect Groups.I have multiple remote locations with 1-7 APs and some campus locations with 20+ APs. We have a standard for VLANs a...

Hi! Have you encountered in WLC 9800 that a wireless user is unable to redirect to client provisioning portal of ISE? based on logs the user is successfully authenticated and supposed to be redirected but it isn't happening. This is supposed to be be...

ppnlr by Level 1
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We have a 4404 controller running on All the ap's registered to that wlc suddenly had capwap flapping. Aps were then stable after few mins. We didnt see any issue on the switch/fw (L3 interface created). Any idea what could be checked ? 

In every sample of configuring wireless access points, including Cisco documentation (notably the older Aeronet ones), I find the following lines to be configured on the bridge group which includes the radio interface:  bridge-group 1 block-unknown-s...

pschulz by Level 1
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I am new to configuring these 9800 controllers. I have experience with a 5200 series controller and I am aware that the firmware is different. I am in an ongoing battle with DHCP working but not as intended or not working. I am trying to configure th...

alee91 by Level 1
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We are in the process of converting to Cisco 9800 controllers and are testing the HA failover in a N+1 deployment.  When AP's are failed mover to the secondary HA controller, they are falling into the default policy, site, and rf tag group.  On the H...

awatson20 by Level 4
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I've noticed some odd behaviour for web auth ("global" parameter map). This applies on IOS XE 17.9.3 and 17.9.4a, and possibly on other versions too.If I use the web GUI to define the banner text as "Welcome", then save my changes, this gets truncate...

global1.PNG global2.PNG
JohnCKirk by Level 1
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As I know,  a WLC receives a user packet from AP via CAPWAP, it will remove CAPWAP header, translate L2 header and forward it to a GW. Here are my questions and do appreciate any input from you. Thanks!Q1. If a WLC uses trunk port to connect to L3 sw...

jwu5188 by Level 1
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Deal All,I had recently set an 3802 AP as a Monitor AP to troubleshooting signal issues.I can ping the monitor AP but could not webpage to it to check the logs it capture.is there any alternative to check out the logs ? from the 5508 WLC ?Any help ar...

q-le by Level 2
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