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Hello together, I have some issues with the WAP150: The Captive Portal on the WAP150 isn’t optimized for mobile devices. Most users for the guest-wlan are using mobile phones. So how can I activate mobile support? Is it possible to deactivate the po...

Hi, I just want to delete a template from cisco Prime 3.1 and I also want to delete the correspoinding WLC configuration. So I get follwing message form Prime: "Are you sure you want to delete <template Name> ? If the template is deployed, please mak...

Hi, We are planning to install Certificate signed by CA Auth to install in Cisco WLC 5520. The present Web AUth URL for Guest Wifi is https://virtual IP I understand the web url should be hostname.domainname inorder the certificate to work. how I c...

saleem pc by Level 1
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Hello, We are planning for RADIUS Server authentication for our WLC 5520 Version  Please some one help us on the specification before we order one, the Minimum/recommencement Software/hardware specification/Version Thanks in advance

saleem pc by Level 1
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We have a 5508 WLC running code, and a mix of 3500, 3600, and 3700 APs. Our switches are Juniper EX3300 and EX4200 that do have PoE enabled up to 30W. In the WLC, the PoE status for all the APs connected to the Juniper switches is "Power in...

I'm deploying a Cisco 5520 WLC and connecting 1852e AP's and have the following questions:   1 ) I've uploaded the new software image to the Controller, what is the procedure to push the image out to the AP1852 ? 2)  Receiving the following error ...

by Not applicable
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Is it possible to do MAB authentication in the 1810W switchports?  We have them in local mode, not flexmode.  Dot1x works fine, but for self registering devices via ISE everything works right up to the point where the device should be authenticating ...

0rsnaric by Level 1
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Hello guys, on our WLC I'm configure Local Switching and now I want to add a radius server. But if i enable Local Switching on a WLAN and i want to connect them so I didnt got an IP. I cant ping the gateway and co.... But if disable Local Switching ...

Resolved! AP summary command

Hi is there a cli command to show the AP Up time of all the APs connected to the wlc 5508? Also a command to sort the AP names in alphabetical/numerical sequence. thanks Mathew

CAP2702IのLED表示について以下のURLに記載されておりますTable 1 LED Status Indications の説明に関して、以下のLED表示についてご教授ください。 1. 以上の状態はどのような場合に発生しますでしょうか。 Message Type:Operating status Status LED:Rapidly cycling through blue, green, and red Message Meaning:Access point location co...

Resolved! Cisco VEN501

I'm trying to find the login information for a Cisco VEN501-AT access point.  I can get to the login page with my web browser at, but do not know what the "User" name and "Password" are.  Can anyone provide this info?

jc0774001 by Level 1
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Dears, WLC 5520 is running with code 8.2 and we are facing using while login into the web GUI. The browsers asks for authentication, but it doesnt take inside the GUI after entering the credentials. CLI works fine and below are configured on WLC f...

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