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I have problems with cisco ISE as proxy radius and WLC version ISE sends the authentication request to the external radius, receives the access accept and returns it to the wlc. Aparently everything is working, I put the On Access-Accept, ...


Hello,we have an issue with our APs getting disconnected from WLC with this message:The AP "AP-NAME" is CAPWAP disconnected from WLC and is no longer joined to it. The WLC has missed the AP’s CAPWAP heartbeat message.They connect immediately back but...

sroic by Beginner
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We have several Cisco AP 2802i configured with one AP as controller managing the other AP's, with 2 VLan's, 1st for office use, 2nd for Guest access.All was working fine for several months, then began to see complaints that though WiFi connection is ...

mgerguis by Beginner
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I was given a couple of Air-CAP3602I-A-K9, that are already configured. I did not get the controller that they were setup with. I had to get one, it is cisco 2500 series. This is my first time trying to setup AP using a controller and I am running in...

Brettv by Beginner
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I am having a problem with PCs on my wireless network that are failing to authenticate on 802.1X EAP-FAST. My timers are currently Identity Request Timeout (in secs) .......15Identity request Max Retries..................12Dynamic WEP Key Index.........

jfaaborg by Beginner
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anyone having issues with Microsoft Teams connectivity? my environment is using EWC AP 9120. after deployment, some users complain that having lagging voice+video when using M. Teams, tried others application and it was okay.

Hello, I need to change the hostname of my Prime Infrastructure (3.7). Can this be done without having to change any other config? I have two Primes working in HA mode but only need to change the hostname of one (the active one) thanks JP

jphilp by Beginner
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