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Hi Guys, we are managing many WLCs and their associated APs. I have observed that for few APs, Country code is changing automatically due to which 5Ghz band getting shut down. is anyone had this experience, any cisco ref for changing this coutry code...

Noovi by Level 1
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Hello,I have a problem changing the country code on the brand-new AP C9120ax. I've tested about ~20APs  From GUI it's working like a charm but from CLI it does not. I'm trying this with no effect.ap name AP-NAME-01 dot11 24GHz shutap name AP-NAME-01 ...

kawoe by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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Good dayI have a 5508 wireless controller  and AIR-AP3802E-E-K9 APS.to which firmware version can I upgrade controller firmware so that also APs gets updated and everything works perfectly after?and what is the simplest way to go about doing an upgra...

gm45 by Level 1
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If I enable the Flexconnect Local Switching option on a particular WLAN, will that effect the APs in Local mode that are using the WLAN, or does it not take effect until the mode is changed? In order words, can I use the same SSID with both Local mod...

Hi,I am running 3800 AP's with a Cisco 9800 WLC (17.3.6) and seeing that following messages on the 3800 AP's:*** RSN ERROR: Received a data frame when no keys are plumbedDoes anyone know what this means and if this might be affecting my clients?

tiluna by Level 1
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Hi, i have a 3702 registered to a 5500 WLC, and i need to migrate this to a new 9800 controller. Can this be done (compatibility), and if so, what needs to happen with licenses? Do i need to get a DNA license for that AP?

Hi All-I have a couple of new 1542 Outdoor APs that are not connecting to the controller, a 5520 running I assume that this is due to the expired certificate issue. I cannot find the right thread here.So, I did the following:1. Set the co...

Hello, I am back with another question.When AP tries to communicate with WLC? How far can AP go in terms of distance to create the capwap tunnel?Will it be broadcast or unicast?  

ankitohc by Spotlight
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Hello,We recently purchased new CW9166i's that we are planning to install in place of our old AP's,  As part of our planning process we are trying to figure out what the maximum range for the 9166's are and how many users each access point can handle...

itguy310 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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We have newly deployed WLC-9800-L but now we are getting DHCP ip from WLC. But clients want DHCP should be thrown from router. What configuration is needed to make this happen in WLC? Should we configure relay?  

King_1988 by Level 1
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