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Hello everybody, Does anybody knows how often the WLC gets information from AP related with RF conditions, attached clients,etc? Would be the result shown by the command "show ap auto-rf ", for example, an average from a time interval ? Any documenta...

Hi Expert, I would like to ask for a test plan about Meraki Wireless Network, including ap connection, user connection, speed limitation, etc, thanks so much

jielfu by Cisco Employee
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I have two buildings and need to create a wireless bridge with 2 1142 autonomous access points. At the remote building I would like to use the 5 ghz radio for the bridge and have clients connect to the 2.4 radio. I have had a tough time trying to get...

PTalanoa3 by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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Looking to confirm whether or not policy allows for rehosting a WiSM2 from standalone to HA SSO config after migrating/transferring AP licenses to a new WLC. Scenario: Use a Cisco One promotion that allows for migrating AP 'adder' licenses from any W...

rayelkin by Cisco Employee
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Hi all,I want to configure my Cisco 1242 AG to work with a NAC solution but when I want to configure an ssid on the access point I got this error :  Dot11Radio0: SSID PacketfenceSecure is not associated with a VLAN and will be disabled! Is someone ca...

Hello, For deployment of twenty 3702 AP with one WLC 5508, in order to avoid the 5508 become the choke point, do you think using Flexconnect in staed of Local mode will help? Thanks!  

brobinb by Level 1
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I have a 5508 WLC 7.6.130 with a [WPA2][Auth(802.1X)] WLAN.  What I would like to do is add MAC authentication bypass to this same WLAN and avoid having a separate WLAN for MAB. Normal 802.1x domain computers and users would be authenticated their AD...

dporod by Level 1
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Hello,Can anyone help me to confirm which regulatory domain for Aironet 1142N does the country Papua New Guinea belongs to? I'm working on a project in Papua New Guinea and couldn't find this country listed in the Wireless LAN Compliance Status. I'm ...

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