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Buen día Tengo un problema con un WLC 2504, los usuarios se conectan a AP´s que estan mas lejos que el que tienen de su propio lugar, ademas estando sin moverlo los usuarios se empiezan a cambiar de AP y se les refleja en baja señal, me podrian recom...

The Ap is working fine with flexconnect local switching and local authntication enabled are checked but only if it is connected with controller. We have a VPN between remote office and the HQ. controller is sitting in HQ. The remote site Ap only work...

On our department We have 36 lightweight AP 3502i  v02 out of the 36 ap only 7  are working fine. And the rest has white LED and no console output, all the AP that working fine are v01. Basic on the information in the link below, the access points wi...

shari1001 by Level 1
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Hi all,I'm preparing to enable HA SSO on a pair of 5508's; one with an HA SKU and one with a 50 AP license.  I noticed that the bootloader's and FRIV's are different, even though the firmware versions are the same.Should I apply the AIR-CT5500-K9-1-7...

mscherting by Level 1
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Hi all,Just wondering Cisco Prime Infrastructure  release 2-1 support configuration archiving on CISCO WiSM2?CISCO  release 2.0 mentioned that it doesn't support configuration archiving for WiSM2 but release 2.1 doesn't mention anything on it.Please ...

Hello all,I have a 2602e AP with an AIR-ANT2544v4M-R antenna on one end. On the other end I have a 1532e access point. I've tested these out side by side before hanging them and they associated fine. However, now that they're on the roof, they're not...

shamg1974 by Level 1
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Hello,I have a Cisco WLC 2500 series with firmware,and  AP model AIR-LAP1131AG-E-K9   connected to it .i want to add one new AP and it's model is AIR-CAP3702I-E-K9 .I would like to know which firmware version i need to upgrade my WLC so all...

Hello all. I'm having some issues connecting and managing my recently deployed AP. This is a 1040 AP running in autonomous mode, broadcasting our corporate and guest wireless network. The AP is up and running as expected, but I'm unable to ping or co...

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