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client not receive ip address - dhcp_reqd

Hi,In my environment there's a  5508 (firmware and ap 1600 with a ias radius server. All wlan are in flex-connect local switching, one client try to connect on a wlan but not receive ip address. After enabled debug aaa all i took the log c...

Augustgood by Beginner
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Resolved! IOS Root and WGB Connectvity

Hi Experts,What are the implications of blocking band 3 between a WGB and Root using the "dfs band 3 block" command. Note, this is enabled by default on IOS AP's as stated below. Does it in anyway affect the use of 802.11n MCS rates?http://www.cisco....

Can I tell a client to prefer a specific AP?

I have a training room with 4 PC's and right outside of this training room is a 3500i series LAP.  Only two of the PC's are associating to it, and the other two are associating to an AP 2 floors up which much slower data rates.I am wondering if I can...

Resolved! Affect on Users When Adding SSID to AP Group

                   I just created an AP group for the first time on my 4402 controller.  When I went to add an SSID to the group, it says it will disable the WLAN.  Does that mean all users on that SSID will be disconnected?  How long would the loss ...

Resolved! Grouping AP's together in PI 2.0

Hey Everyone,I have recently deployed PI 2.0, and I am wondering if what I would like to do can be done.I have approximately 1,000 AP's deployed in various retail locations and was hoping I could group them all together into one group so that I can s...

Resolved! PI and wlc compatibility

Hello experts,I have 2504 wlc with 7.3 code and Now we installed new Prime infra 2.0.My question is :we decided to upgarde wlc software to 7.6.is PI supported wlc with 7.6 ? if not then what I can do ?Thanks

ittechk4u by Beginner
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Resolved! Branch Office & HREAP & local Internet breakout

Hi,I´m planning right now a local Guest Access breakout for a Branch Site which is connected over a HREAP AP to a centraliced WLC . If I have it correctly understand then  I´ve to do following:1. Creat a Guest SSID on the centralized WLC ( 5508 )  / ...

alex.roth by Beginner
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Resolved! Guest Network

Hello AllGuest Network was working earlier, recently it doesnt seems to work with no changes on WLC. From any smartdevice and Windows Machine we can connect the Guest SSID but authentication page doesnt popups.WLC 4400software version ...

HTTPS access over WAN, not happening

Not sure where to look on this yet. Customer has a connection overseas that has AP's in produciton joined to a 2504 in the states. From every location he is able to access the WLC GUI except from this one location, yet from his hotel over wirelees VP...

Resolved! Virtual Wlc with centrally switched WLAN

HelloI want to know if it is possible to make a WLAN working as  "centrally swited"   with a virtual WLC.I triy with a Vitual WLC : 7.4.121The Wlan is centrally switched ( Not flexconnect) , with authentication = NONEThe AP is configured as  flexconn...

mmisonne by Explorer
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LWAP CLI Command Reference

Is there a command reference for cli commands that can be used on LWAPs?or is there a reference of useful troubleshooting commands?I tried to find a  cli command that would tell me which controller the LWAP was connected to.

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