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Hello !I have been researching but did not find a straigh way to do this : I have 3 SSID => A, B, C.Is it possible to hide (not disable) an existing SSID (let's say B) just on specific APs ? As per my understanding the option "Broadcast SSID" is only...

I have the following problem:I have a 150m x 150m warehouse with the roof being 25m high.The client has already ordered Cisco 3602 access points, and need them installed.I know Cisco recommend that AP's be installed not higher than 11m from the groun...

jacovr by Level 1
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HiI use the CISCO AIR-CB21AG con the software airmagnet, and i wish to know if i use the card for realizate a passive site survey with APs thah work with 802.11n.the SNR and RSSI obteneid with this card its the same for conections 802.11n?thanks for ...

Alright now this might seem bizarre but I am really hoping someone can work out what I am doing wrong!I have setup a Cisco Aironet 1040 to connect to our Radius server which I have also configured.I can successfully connect up any Iphone or Ipad but ...

ams-it by Level 1
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Cisco Any Connect 3.0.30545508 WLC running 7.4AP Type 1142PC Windows 7 We have begun to have issues where PC's that are logged off are attempting and failing to authenticate to the wireless and becoming blacklisted.If users don't have a cached accoun...

Resolved! Orphan Packet

Can someone explain me the concept of an orphan packet? and why i'm asking this? Because i´m seing in the syslog server the following msg: *dtlArpTask: May 28 11:48:12.117: %DTL-4-ARP_ORPHANPKT_DETECTED: dtl_net.c:1425 STA(Target MAC Address) [,] ...

Hi,Currently we are experiencing excessive traffic fragmentation between the Foreign and Anchor WLC's.Due to the fragmentation the firewalls are having a high CPU load and are facing performance issues.Because of this I've changed the TCP MSS to 1363...

aflbakker by Level 1
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HiThis is my environment, 2 wlc 5508 on HA  (firmware, from on-line documentation i know that we can't configure HA on two different switch (with 2 different port-channel). But is it possibile ? and why no ? ha don't works.

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