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Dear friends,I've had some problems in my wireless system consisting of a WLC 4400 and 2 1522 APs connected in a pont-two-point way. To investigate the causes of the issue, I took a look at Trap Logs under MONITOR tab. But, I can only see a limited n...

See below alarm. Initially I though this maybe a password problem between the controller and Prime mgmt server, I reset the admin password directly on the controller, deleted the controller from Prime, re-added the controller with SNMP string and new...

HiWLC2504AP1602SW have 22 x AP1602.5 of them show up in the WLC with Controller Association Latency of around 1 minute and 10 secondsThe other 17 all have latency around 10 seconds.1. What are possibile causes for high value of associati...

foosterh by Beginner
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HelloI recently checked the output of one of my AP 3502AGN which are connected to a WiSM with the current software.There I saw the following output:show ap config 802.11b 3502AGN-1100c-1        Legacy Tx Beamforming ..................... EN...

patoberli by VIP Advisor
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Hi,I loaded the following MIB into PRTG 'CISCO-WAN-3G-MIB' hoping to record RSSI and ECIO values on my 3G 1941W cisco router. RSSI is now recording using 'c3g current gsm rssi' however ecio isn't recording using 'c3g current gsm ec io' or  'c3g notif...

Hi All,I apologize if this has been answered, but I'm having a hard time finding it.I'm supporting a 2504 wireless controller with 3 aps in a health clinic.  I'm interested in generating some useful information for the owners of the device such as ra...

johnk by Beginner
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Resolved! Guest Access Query

Hi All,Suppose we have 50 x WAN sites and we have 5 APs per  site.If we to enable Guest Access for all sites, does  that mean we need  license of 250 for the anchor controller?What is the best recommendation for provisioning licenses for guest anchor...

Dears,I have a specific requirement from a client as followsThe client has a branch office and HQ connected over an MPLS cloud. Internet access is provided through the HQ only.They want to provide guest internet in the branch and want to terminate t...

Hi to all,Is there a way that I can configure authentication with an ldap server without the need of a certificate or using web authentication??? I have a customer that want to have the users authenticated with AD but with no certificate or web auth....

Hi there,I recently installed 6 wireless access points (WAP70) in a cluster for one of our clients.I have a company wifi configured and working correctly, im having a problem with setting up a guest wifi.I can see anywhere where we can issolate the t...

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