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We have a project going on where we want to use RFID tags to track inventory in the parking lot. I am being told that the RFID tags need "location grade Wi-Fi" to work. I have never heard of this. I know there is a difference between voice grade and ...

Cisco1619 by Beginner
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Hello all,i'am using csm 4.1 and i have configured the keep audit log for 30 days and the entries becomes older than the number of days specified in the keep audit log without deleting, i don't understand why this happend and how can i make shur that...

I have NCS already set up on one IP address and I need to move all the controllers, etc over to the new NCS. Is there any way to back-up the configuration from the old NCS, and restore it on the new one, or do I have to migrate everything over one pi...

I have 2 1242AG APs setup with one SSID and no vlans configured.  The APs are connected to a switch along with my DHCP server.  Clients are able to connect to the SSID but are unable to get an IP from the server.  Clients can plug into the switch and...

jhbrubaker by Beginner
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We will upgrade the WLC from 7.0 to 7.3 to support HA, but looks like WCS does not support 7.3 code any more. We have lobby account on WCS to create the guest account for WLC. We then have to transfer WCS to another product-Prime. My question is is t...

Resolved! multiple MSEs

Hello,Due to high number of APs, I need to deploy a separate MSE   to provide  location services and  aWIPS. In this scanrio,  is it possible to share the  same floor map  which contain local and WSSI APs  between the 2 MSEs?the tracking elements  pe...

I am looking to use DHCP Option 43 for branch office network connected AP's when I bring them online. I have two controllers I have setup in redundancy mode and want to know if I still need to specify the management IP of each, or can I just specify ...

Hi all!We're trying to solve the task. There will be Guest Wi-Fi access. Usernames/passwords will be printed on recepts when customer purchases the goods in the store.Moreover customer requires, that there must be only one device accessing Wi-Fi with...

ydovgan by Cisco Employee
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Can someone tell me what the best configuration is for the following scenario:Site1 (Head Office & Data Centre)100 usersSite280 usersSite340 usersSite440 usersSite530 usersEach of the sites has its own Domain Controller.My idea is to have a vWLC at S...

scdigital by Beginner
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