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Random disconnects

I have a customer with 2 AP1141N AP's that are setup with MAC authentication. They experience random disconnects. The AP's have 2 different bootloaders on them.  Both are running 12.4(25d)JA1 code, boot on one is 12.4(18a)JA3, the other 12.4(23c)JA1....

EAP-FAST authentication in WLC with ACS-LDAP

   Hello,                We are using WLC-5508 in our corporate. For authenication we have implemented ACS with LDAP configured as external user database. We can able to get authenicated for Web based authenication. When it is configured for EAP-FAST...

ipv6 addresses on Aironet

Hi, I read some previous posts indicating that it is not currently possible to add an ipv6 address on an Aironet access point in autonomous mode.  The most recent related post I found was from March 2011; is this still the case?  Can someone point me...

ippolito by Beginner
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Change SSID isseu AIR-CT5500-K9-7-0-116-0.aes

                   Hi all;I have an issue with WLC , the WLC cannot delete the information of the client when it jump to new SSID , it mentains the old information, it connect with the second SSID but it details (IP address and interface) as it is co...

Samsung ALL share for TV on cisco wireless

Hi Guys,I have a wireless network implemented and working in the building  with Access point and controller 4404Now I received a requirement to use "All share samsung software" to controll TV on wireless .So as per the requirement I connect the TV to...

cisconell by Beginner
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Access point 1242is not displaying in 5508 wlc

Hi,   I moved 1242 access point to my new buliding which i have 5508 wlc and 3500 acess point are working. i connected 1242 ap in network it got registered and download  new ios and downlaoded the configuration and working fine. But i open the WLC th...

chandru.j by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Bridges Wireless - AP 1310

Hi,I'm setting up a Wireless Bridge 1310 with two APs. The Root Bridge is working fine, but the Non-root Bridge is not working, the radio 0 is not UP (It is in reset mode), bellow the settings of APs and logs Non-root Bridge.AP Root Bridgedot11 ssid ...

alrbatista by Beginner
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2504 Management on VLAN

We are installing a 2504 with management on VLAN2.  The management port is on interface 1 which is attached to a layer 3 3750.  From other VLANs in the network we cannot manage the 2504 controller with the web manager.  We are running the latest code...

John Gawf by Beginner
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User authentication problem

Hello,on a stable WLC setup with two controllers that authenticate Active Directory users through an ACS I have the following problem. On one of the controllers (WLC1) there are a couple of users that recently started to only authenticate if the user...

gabsfedor by Beginner
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