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Apply MAC filters on select LAP's

We have a mix of 1231 and 1242 access points in an LWAPP environment. They are connected to WiSM controllers in our 6509's and are managed by a central WLC. Everything is running version 7.0.230. My question is can I apply MAC address filtering on a ...

WCS; No data from SE's, but all reachable

                   Hello,The WCS is and the remote Spectrum Expert clients are 4.1.11 linked to remote sensors: 3502's w/ and 3602's w/ code.The WCS shows the various SE's as reachable and I can select which ever I wish.  ...

Cisco WLAN Question

We have a Cisco 4400 series WLAN controller.When I go to the clients and view who is connected; I can also filter it. However it only lets me filter by mac address, ap, wlan profile, etc.It does not have IP filtering.  Is there a way to filter using ...

zyang by Beginner
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Cisco Antenna (AIR-AP1242AG) Question

Is the below Cisco Sector Antenna AIR-AP1242AG rated for outdoor installation/mounting or is it indoor mountable only?Also does anyone know if it comes with U-bolts/clamps for mounting to a mast/pole?Dimensions and Mounting SpecificationsAzimuth Plan...

da.newman by Beginner
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Resolved! WLC 5508 question setup

i have 12 locations all connected to internet via T1 and connected to HQ via VPN all sites have asa 5505 and HQ has asa 5510we are adding another building at a site and it will have an asa5510 with its own internet connection. VLAN 1 that is behind t...

Need your help

I have 521 standalone access point,what configuration do i need for ap, to just connect it to switch and provide internet, just simple configuration, pleasehelp

Integrating CISCO CCA with WLC

I have a centralized WLC ver in the data center. I need to integrate the WLC with my current NAC deployment; CCA ver 4.8.3 OOB virtual gateway.The only way i found is to have for each certified vlan one SSID. Given that in my deployment eac...

waleedm by Beginner
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wireless reconnection issue

hi i have WLC5508 and many 1142 AP . client have authenticated by ACS .but sometimes client's PC has occurred this pheonomenon.i attached debug client file please check and explane debug file.thanks

Aaron EOM by Beginner
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How to recovery MSE 3310

Hi ALL    MSE can not boot.MSE show error logINIT: cannot execute "/sbin/mingetty"INIT: cannot execute "/sbin/mingetty"INIT: cannot execute "/sbin/mingetty"cannot execute "/sbin/mingetty"INIT: cannot execute "/sbin/mingetty"INIT: cannot execute "/sbi...

udom_boon by Beginner
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