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           Hi ,           I'm planning to upgrade our WLC 2504 from  to           but the cisco site says           "WLC Version will need Prime Infrastructure Version 1.3 to be managed, Version 1.3 is not yet available ...

prasath_tt by Beginner
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The documentation states the Flex 7500 WLAN controllers support the 10Gig transcever "SFP-10G-SR" but mentions no others. Is it possible to install a 1Gig transceiver such as GLC-T or GLC-SX-MM or other types of 10Gig transceivers.                  

sslittle by Beginner
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I have a problem when I use the running config of the wireless module will copy via tftp to the local PC, I always getError opening tftp / (Timed out)does anyone know how to solve this?

pcfreak49 by Beginner
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Hello, dear specialists!I have 15 branches of office running under cisco.On one of offices our director wants to place 10 employes using iphones for scaning barcodes from our production. They will use wi-fi for connecting to our database and send to ...

Every time I power down my WLC2504 controller and then back up, the time reverts back to the year 2000.The APs can't join the controller, due to certificate errors, until I reset the clock.  This problem just started recently.I would appreciate any s...

I am receiving "Rogue Access Point Detected" on some of my Cisco 1242 Autonomous AP's.  Is there anything I can do to understand if this is a real threat? How can I make any use of these alerts?

paucan by Beginner
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Resolved! WLC External DHCP

This might be an easy question, but Cisco documents don't seem to give a clear answer.  That's why I need some help from the community.When the WLC is configured with DHCP proxy using external DHCP server to assign IP's for wireless client, from whic...

josephqiu by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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hello,We are connecting a cisco router (819)  to wireless lan network (lwapp) through its wireless interface.clients ---> 819 ---->AP (WGB) ------ lwapp ----- AP ---> LAN ---> servers.since the clients are on the same subnet as the the VLAN on the lw...

omahrez by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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