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Resolved! Multicast on Wireless

I recently enabled multicast on  the wireless to a VLAN that only has one SSID(Private) but for some  reason when i go to monitor>multicast on the controller i see that  there are other clients on the from another multicast group from another VLAN (G...

Design Question...

Hello guys,Somebody knows how an ap works when it has the double(40 clients) of the users recomended(20 users with data traffic) ??An elementary school is thinking to cover all the classrooms using wireless technology, they have 750 kids allocated in...

Resolved! Primay controller

I have DHCP with option 43 and 60.  The AP's connect to the controller and everything is OK.  Do I still need to manually put the Primary Controller IP address and name in each AP from the WLC?  Was thinking if an AP was moved to a new subnet with DH...

Resolved! Wireless signal tester

I am kind of new in the wireless world. I would like to buy a device which i can use to test the strength of wireless signal. Can someone make a recommendation on a reliable product if there is one out there?Thanks,Lake

Recommendation for outdoor access point

I'm being asked to provide wireless coverage in a couple of outdoor areas about 50 - 100 feet out from our main building.  I'm looking for some recommendations on access points and antennas to use.  In our current indoor environment, we are using WiS...

agrigals by Beginner
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Linksys wet200 WPA2 Encryption

Hello i have a few Linksys WET200 wireless bridges i am looking to implement on my campus with Wism controllers and a mix of 1130 and 1000 Lwapp APs. I have been able to configure them to work with WPA-Tkip PSK however as soon as i try wpa2-aes PSK t...

Resolved! Automatic channel bonding

Is there a way to make the WLC channel bond on all AP's without having to go into the AP/Radio and manually select a primary channel and 40 MHz?Does it not automatically use the best available channels?

Resolved! 3500, CleanAir & ED-RRM

Hi,I'm familiar with the benifit of regular RRM especially for an initial installation of wireless. It saves the headache of trying to figure out a channel and power map.However when it comes to Clean Air's ED-RRM (event driven RRM) I see an issue (p...

eoinwhite by Beginner
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1142 access point not joining the controller

Hi,I have a 1142 access point and the controller is 5508 running the ios version 7.0.When i try to make the access point join the controller, i get the follwing error message.Translating "CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER"...domain server (

Abinaya R by Beginner
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WCS Planning Mode - Wall Usage

I've been working with the WCS Planning Tool to better understand how to use it.  Most of my building are made with centiblock or sheetrock walls.  I was using the Heavy Walls for the centiblock and the Light Walls for sheetrock, but it doesn't seem ...

WCS and Clean Air

Just upgraded our WCS server to the 7.x code over the weekend.  Turned up the first 3500 series AP's today.  The AP's have been up for about an hour.  I am seeing the Air Quality graphs on WCS.  On the Worst 802.11a/n and 802.11b/g/n Interferers wind...

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