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HelloOn a particular place in the building we had a very low throughput on channel 1. We use the 802.11G band. Using a sectrum analyzer we found in the middle of channel 1 a non 802.11 compliant device transmitting on a very high duty cycle. This exp...

Hi.. I have 3 radios connected having a triangular interconnection. The link works fine but once video conference is started between the locations the links fails. A continues ping with heavy packet size does not hamper the network in any way.any hel...

Cisco announced multiple vulnerability in their Wireless Lan Controller for controllers running version 4.1. I am running 4.1.185. I am going to assume that all of the 4.1 versions are affected since It was not mentioned. have not upgraded as yet. ...

After having lots of issues with, TAC is suggesting that I use I have 6 production 4404s and 1 test 4402. I have wiped the config on my 4402 and loaded code. I want to test all of my applications before trying to mig...

dbuttry by Beginner
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Hi, everybody.I have some puzzles with LAP, such as 10201, With a WLC4400 and a DHCP server, is it right there is no need to configurate 1020, it can get IP address with DHCP, and all is automatic, is that right?2, Can I ping or manage 1000 by http o...

hetao1601 by Beginner
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Good Morning,i have a simple question. I had a Nokia E series with ICC for Cisco and i have activated the permanent license of this software.If this cell phone is broken, and so i can't release the license from the option of ICC software directly fo...

cmaiolani by Beginner
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I am looking for advice on how I might optimize performance for the clients in a wireless lab that I have at one of the schools I look after.The classroom is question is located between 2 antonymous 1131AG access points and is not more than 50 feet f...

tpelley by Beginner
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Hi Every body!Is it possible for sinle "AP" to have ultiple ssids, If yes, then it must effect the performance as " ap" has to send beacon for each ssid then switch the traffic from each ssid.Could anyone explain me this please?thanks a lot!

sarahr202 by Contributor
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