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Problem with backup configuration from WLC 9800-L

I have a problem with backup configruation from WLC 9800-L via TFTP. I get this message "Error in Configuring Backup & Restore Error opening file connection timed out " when I set backup. I have set up automatic backup (archive) on switches in this n...


Resolved! need to combine 1832 ap to join 9115 ewc

we have 1832 wireless environment, and now need to additional aps, due to eol we can not by 1832 aps. therefore we are panning to buy catalyst 9115 ewc and use on same environment with 9115 ewc.

n_lama by Beginner
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Resolved! Problem adding Cisco Aironet 1815i to the controller

Hello everyone,I have an issue adding Capwap ap's to the controller, It all started when I had to reset my ME ap since it was not transmitting WiFi signal, and after the WiFi issue is resolved and reconfigured the ME ap, I'm not able of adding the Ca...

bosman by Beginner
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Cannot start gui in initial config in c9800

Hello, the below is protocol for C9800 wlc initial config. it configures physical port TwoGigabitEthernet0/0/2 as mgmt interface. We want to use layer2 svi as mgmt interface. but if we do so, it would not let us to access wlc via gui. do you think so...

zshowip by Enthusiast
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Resolved! C9800 AP CDP

HiIs there any way to display cdp information of APs on c9800 (17.6.3) controller in GUI? I am looking for the command output of "sh ap cdp neighbors" in the GUI. AirOS based WLCs had an option to view this on GUI Home> Network summary > Access point...

WLC 5500 Port down on device

I currently have a cisco 5500 wireless controller and one of my ports are down, how do I either bring this port up manually within the CLI or GUI or change the physical status from auto negotiate to Full Duplex 1000 Mbps to match the other ports?

Speet test with Cisco AP - Wireless

Hi, I am new to wireless topic. Our office has a speed of 500Mbps and it shows fine through LAN connection from 480-500, but when i do speed test using Wifi network it shows 20Mbps. I have seen the AP settings and wireless controller nothing seems th...


Resolved! Compatibily/Compatiblité CBW150AX and C9105AX

Morning everybody,I come to you because i had bought 2 AP C9105AX to manage my WIFI network on premise with the Controller Embedded on this AP. With all logistic problems we knew, i receive my AP after an important meeting in which all personns had t...

CedricD35 by Beginner
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C9115AXI-EWC-I and C9115AXI-I

I have (2)  C9115AXI-EWC-I working as WLC and (6) C9115AXI-I with Cisco DNA On-Prem Essential, 3Y Term License   My question is  if I not order this Wireless Cisco DNA On-Prem Essential License the Access points can work normally without any issue  T...

Resolved! C9800-CL GUI unreachable from WLANs

Hello,We have 2 WLCs C9800-CL running in cluster, version 17.3.5b, that are working good.I have noticed something odd, when I'm connected on one SSID/WLAN the WLC/AP is broadcasting, I cannot connect to the GUI via https://ipofthewlc while I can conn...

Clem58 by Participant
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