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Hi All,I am creating a test bed using IOS-XE Wireless controller C9800-L and C9120. I want to provide PoE to C9120 using port TwoGigabitEthernet0/0/0 of C9800-L but unable to find any documentation to enable PoE on C9800-L. I remember commands like "...

Resolved! AIR-LAP1262N-A-K9

Hello there. I have this access point  AIR-LAP1262N-A-K9, and it is autonomous and i want to convert in lightweight but i can not find the ios. Please how can i download anywhere ? 

Goku31 by Beginner
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Hello all, I am very new to using the Meraki GUI and networking in general. I have been tasked with creating a new SSID for a site. This SSID needs to have access to the local DNS server at the site so they can access a proprietary webapp, internet a...

mrand67 by Beginner
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Hi Everyone Details : I have found the cpu process is not normally. This device uses very high CPU resources about 65-70%. ---------------------------------- System CPU Process ---------------------------------Current Time:Sat Dec 16 18:13:01 2023 - ...


hello everyone, as indicated I have a ssid dedicated to the android 8-13 phone allowing internal users allowing them to use their personal phone. currently they connect to the ssid by providing an active directory identifier if the authentication is...

SjAhfk18 by Beginner
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Hello everyone,I'm trying to figure out a frustrating issue. Attempting an install of APSP6 keeps bombing out and I'm unsure what steps to take next. Software: Version 17.09.04aROM: 17.3(3r)Error in question:  Dec 13 21:21:01 Eastern: %INSTALL-3-OPER...

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