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I have AP3702 (IW3702-4E-M-K9) configured as WGB and connected to same model infrastructure Access Point on 5GHz.Randomly, the WGB get disconnected from the infrastructure Access Point and doesn't connect automatically.I have to reboot the WGB or shu...

khafez071 by Beginner
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Hi all Anybody happens to be onsite with a 5520 or 8540 WLC? If yes, do those servers/WLC contain a storage drive? If yes, can you check in CIMC inventory which make/model?   Cisco just released this notice: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs...

patoberli by VIP Alumni
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HI People, Need help here.My AP 1832 just keeps rebooting out of a sudden.Led indicator going from blinking green > red> amber.and it just repeats and repeats.run command show logging. *sntpReceiveTask: Jun 21 16:59:57.360: %DNS-3-GETADDRINFO_SUCCESS...

owen2 by Beginner
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Hi All, I've recently added TACACS to web UI authentication but it seems I can only have two privledge levels: Level 1 - Can only view monitoring tab, no config settings or troubleshooting. Level 15 - can view all and make changes.  Is there a way I ...

NWJ by Beginner
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Platform: 9800-L-FSoftware: 17.3.2a SSID:WPA(AES/TKIP)+WPA2(AESCCMP128) running simple PSK authentication. No L3 Auth involved. The DHCP forwarding is orchestrated by the 9800 via the SVI. After scouring the configuration and comparing 9800 & 5508 th...

Tob by Beginner
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Hello wireless professionals,I'm creating a Cat 9800 WLC design and now the topic is QoS.What really bugs me is the lack of documentation regarding the wired QoS on the WLC regarding queuing/scheduling. So on routers and switches, you may assign a eg...

Hello AllPlease could you confirm that the reason for restarting of the access point is related with Poe issue?Last reset from power-onI didn't find logs for Poe issue...Logs from the switch:016229: Jun 17 10:32:42: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol...

Hello team, Im new in the wireless world and I'm reading docs about the controller Catalyst 9800-CL and I'm facing some doubts, we can see 3 interfaces in the manual, they are:1- Device Management interface;2- Wireless Management interface;3- High Av...

LKL4 by Beginner
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