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Hello, APs are joined to vWLC C9800. All profiles and tag are configured and puched to APs, but the Operrtation Status are down. One way we can make it up is to reset APs from factory setting. But we do not think it is normal way for all APs. Can we ...

Hello wireless fans,I try to understand the differences between Catalyst 9800 and AireOs and the corresponding consequences for the network. Topic for today is Multicast / IGMP handling for local mode APs (no Flex, no SDA). So in AireOS, the user VLA...

Hi, I have the below topology  wireless users were experiencing slow browsing.  So I started to shut down the interfaces between core and distribution.So when I shut down the interface   10g (L3 ) on the right side  , problem almost solved My questio...


Hi,we got these tracebacks in the logs of our WLC 5k;  we upgraded from to 8.10.151is there anything we need to worry for ? 0x1e22e72  0x2d4293d  0x2d4311d  0x1e22cfe  0x950dc6  0x955889  0x943704  0x1e329a7  /lib64/libpthread.so.0(0x+7dff)...

Boris3 by Level 1
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Hi, This is just a general query about wireless capacity. Traditionally we have used the 30 users per AP model for capacity, however, if you have a customer who has a requirement that the wireless infrastructure must support 4K video streaming is the...

PAR by Level 1
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Hello, I'm trying to config a NPS server with WLC, to authenticate on WLAN with AD users.The WLC has various interfaces, (Management) (LAN) (Guest) The NPS Server as an IP add: in the NPS server, the ra...

We recently added a Cisco AIR-SAP2602E-A-K9 to our office network and we are only seeing up to 26Mbps using the WiFi.  Is this normal?  Also, we have looked into purchasing some external antenna for it and I don't know how much it will help.  Does an...

Hello guys,im trying to giving a AP a Lightweight or Autonomous Image (both not working). The AP has no image rn and it is blank. It is a AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9(It had both images kw7 and kw8 but when i deleted it and tryed to do it myself then it didnt w...

ap blank.PNG Unbenannt6.PNG Unbenannt.PNG Unbenannt..PNG
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