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I have a brand new AIR-AP3802E-B-K9 with Cisco ME Controller with multiple WLANs setup. The issue is, I want MAC filtering enabled on all WLANs but MAC filter entries are allowed only per one MAC address. There is no way to add the same MA...

Hello,( Sorry for english, i'm FR )So, here is my problem :I have a cisco wifi routeur ( AIR-AP1852l-E-K9 )The router is in a warehouse with a lot of steel and a lot of big machine insidePC that are away form the router always disconnect from the wif...

PierreB by Level 1
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HI EXPERTS, In the last week, i worked in new project with WLC 9800 with autenthication 802.1X EAP-PEAP. The Server Authentication is a WINDOWS NPS. But when I started testing, I found that only Xiaomi Smartphones completed the authentication steps.I...

greetings,  After the upgrade (Software Versión:, there are problems to connect Motorola and Xiaomi (android 10). These phones don't get IP addresses and have problems with the mosts of networks.Someone has had a similar behavior? Thanks,

Hi I am trying to setup a WLAN for the first time but the WAP does not show up in the WLC. This is error I am getting from the  WAP. I can ping the WLC from the WAP and vice versa.  *Oct 10 14:54:52.085: %LWAPP-3-CLIENTERRORLOG: Peer certificate veri...

Folks,          I have a tiny site connected using fiber across the street from my datacenter/campus where dnac is installed and working.I know Cisco Best practices says to have a controller at every remote site for fabric enabled wireless. My questi...

Is there any trick to getting this working? ALl the devices are on the network fine, (it's a flat network, so all the same vlan). however when attempting to browse google devices i.e. google home, or chromecasts, they'e howing as unavailable Running ...

Hi!Is it possible to place the external antennas on different floors to increase area covered if you don't need the enhanced speed MIMO gives? Does each antenna work individually then if it was an old SISO AP? I want to build a mobile phone WiFi for ...

Hi all I was in the beta test for and had there an issue with radius authentication not anymore working on the 3504 WLC with 2802i AP. I did submit this bug, but it seems it wasn't important enough. I have since (today) upgraded to 8.10.13...

patoberli by VIP Alumni
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We have an 8540 running On our guest ssid we use simple webauth with an AUP and I accept button, no other input required. It's worked for the longest time just fine. It continues to work with windows clients and android phones. Recently IO...

Y C by Level 1
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