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Hello Experts, Do we have the means to determine the radio slot the AP uses to send the deauth frames while containing the rogue APs / rogue clients?Since for containment, the AP will be using the spoofed mac address of the attacker, the wireless PCA...


Hi,We have a few AP on our network which work fine.But, those which are behind our fw don't work.LAN WI-FI with WLC  <>--------Lan Routed---with Ap (Ok) ------------------                                 <> -------FW <> Vlan behind Fw and APs not wor...

a.auvinet by Level 1
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 I have a device N9K-c93180YC-EX and a PI 3.4I add the to N9K-c93180YC-EX to PI 3.4,  and the prime said that device unsopported. I check the differents version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 3.8But in no version is it compatible.I it is rare that N9K-c93180YC-E...

nstr1 by Level 1
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Do we have a flow of how an Anchor WLC will be marking the client for deletion once the client is de-authenticated/ disassociated from the Foreign WLC?Under ideal scenario it is assumed that the foreign WLC will be ‘Sending Handoff Close’ for the mac...

Hello Experts, It is understood that as per the design guide , security wise it is a best practice to have 'Default Mobility Domain Name' for Anchor and Foreign WLCs as separate. However functionality wise will it be an issue if it is chosen to have ...

Default Mobility group name anchor WLC.PNG

Hi,Trying to set up a brand new 9130-EWC as a replacement for my Mobility Express network in my home. I power it up, launch the Cisco Catalyst Wireless App, scan the code, and I'm getting the message "Connection to SSID 'CiscoAirProvision-0890' faile...

EC2020 by Level 1
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Hi, Stupid question, I need to reinstall MSE one the 3355 Appliance because the whole installation is screwed up. I downloaded the files from Cisco for the CISCO-MSE-L-K9-8-0-150-0-64bit.bin.tar.gz but how to do put this into a bootable format? the f...

chisss by Level 1
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I don't often use Cisco wireless equipment, but when I have in the past, I have simply set up single APs in autonomous mode. It looks to me as if there are no current Cisco products that can operate like this anymore. The datasheets all speak of usin...

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