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Resolved! Radar detected

I recently saw this on my WLC logs and not sure it's meaning entirely and if I should be doing something about it.Radar signals have been detected on channel 52 by 802.11a radio with MAC.....30 minutes later, I received the clearing message:Radar sig...

Prevent MAC addresses from DHCP

I have a WLC 5508 with several WLANs, one of which is a guest network. I want to be able to prevent company computers, identified by MAC address from pulling DHCP from the guest network WLAN (DHCP server on the WLC is enabled and working fine). Some ...

kmkrause2 by Beginner
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WPA TKIP on AIRONET 1560 rel 8.5.140

Hi, I finally realized my meshed network with aironet 1560 APs.I have a problem: i have some barcode scanners that supports only WPA+TKIP security.I configured a WLAN with WPA2/AES + WPA/TKIP+AES but my clients seems not to work.Does 1560 support WPA...

l.buschi by Explorer
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Manage APs on two isolated networks - WLC 5520

Hello all,I'm actually trying to set a WLC 5520 Wireless Controller up, to manage my aironets APs on two differents (isolated) physicals networks.Wlans on network 1 are only linked to vlans on network 1, and Wlans on network 2 are only linked to vlan...

Untitled Diagram (1) (4).jpg
Thibault87 by Beginner
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Cisco WLC 5520 Licenses

Hi I have a question about licenses We have a brand new WLC 5520 that has arrived for a new project. Does it come with any licenses for AP's. I have asked our purchasing department if any licenseing has been ordered and am still waiting for a reply. ...

Cisco vWLC - AP's not broadcasting SSID's

I am running the demo of the virtual WLC and have one 1142N AP connected to it.  I have two WLAN's created and they are configured to broadcast their SSID's.  However, when I look on my laptop or Android, I cannot see either of them.  I checked the A...

deyster94 by Contributor
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Samsung J3 roaming issues

Hello, We are using Samsung phones inside of a fancy scanner in our warehouses and we keep seeing some really weird roaming issues. The Samsung can be sitting in one spot and roam 15 times in 30 minutes to APs that are even 200 feet away.  One thing ...

joe.fodor by Beginner
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Cisco Mobility Express Controller issue

I've downloaded and installed Cisco Mobility Express Software in Cisco Access Point 3820i. But after reboot, it doesn't broadcast SSID.  I've gone thru CLI configuration and configured the whole Controller but still it doesn't broadcast the SSID. I'v...

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