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Cisco Prime 3.3 Reports

When running a report on say a client (my username) and the set the day and time of the report to run, it seems to run but does not complete. Prime 3.3 was rebooted already but this did not fix the problem. Tried using a different browser but that st...

Resolved! WLC5520 Long distance HA?

I am helping a customer to migrate datacenters which host their current 5520 pair. The current datacenters are 10Miles apart with dark fibre and 5520 units are located in each datacenter respectively.   The new datacenters are in different states wit...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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Wireless traffic shaping

Hello, I have a wireless controller in HQ to which an AP connects in the branch. On the branch router I want to match traffic in the ACL that is sourced from AP and destined to controller which I am able to do using IP address of AP as source and con...

sqambera by Beginner
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Resolved! Add a license on a 5520 wlc (RTU bases)

Hi experts,   I have a doubt and would like to be sure before making some changes.   I tried to add a license on a 5520 cluster on HA - normally this is quite simple as it is RTU system. But I got an error message telling I can’t add licenses on the ...

aleopoldie by Participant
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PRIME LMS simle device export failing

hi,   we are trying to export the PRIME LMS device list and getting an error as POP UP:   "Device Credentials EXport FAILEd" the migration logs shows it is unable to create directory and some null pointer exceptions, anyone has seen this issue before...

higoel by Cisco Employee
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Problem With AIR-AP2802I-C-K9

Hi, I am facing problem with AIR-AP2802I-C-K9 that the client get very low speed. We are using WLC 2504 with 8.3 OS version. We use country code US and PK. We also use AIR-CAP1702I-D-K9 and this has no issue. I also check the country code for  AIR-A...

Cisco WLC Backup Configuration Method

Hi Guys,   I usually do the backup using GUI on Commands -> Upload File menu. I know this is also possible using CLI by issuing transfer upload. But recently I discovered it is possible issuing command show running-config on WLC's CLI. When I compare...

fdharmawan by Enthusiast
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88MR1 Interim/Beta Build Availability

We are pleased to announce the fourth 88MR1 Interim/Beta ( for production deployment.   Base Code: First Beta Build: Latest Beta Build: (8.8MR1 Interim/Beta Release 3rd Refresh.)   Note: 1. Release 8.8MR1(8....

pbaragur by Cisco Employee
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Apple to Google device communication

Here is the scenario: I have a student who has 3 devices, an iPhone, a Google Chromecast, and a Google home. She registers all 3 devices in ISE, mydevices, they show up in her portal and on my dashboard correctly. All 3 showing the same, correct subn...

n+1 Geographically Separate

Hello Experts. I need to configure and scenario with two or three primaries WLCs and one back up WLC. I already read posts about how to configure HA method. But still I have this doubts. 1.- In one remote site I have my VLANs and DG locally in my swi...

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