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hello Team, here the issue is the client is facing the wifi slowness.   wlc model: 5508 WLC IOS version:  Ap-model:AIR-CAP2602I-E-K9 Client machine:mac book  Here the issue is  when the mac book clients trying to connect to wifi(corporate-ss...

Thushara by Level 1
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Hello, I have a Cisco 2921 router IOS 15.07 and I wanted to know if I could connect my Netgear Wireless router to it so that I could configure the Netgear as an Access Point? The Netgear wireless router has a section where it can be configured as an ...

moman62 by Level 1
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SW configuration-ip dhcp pool AP_Poolnetwork 43 hex f104.ac10.2068dns-server interface Vlan64description AP_Mgmtip address Logs on AP *Mar 1 00:00:16.231...

Hi Do we have a way to configure AP/wlc to let user pc choose 2.4 band first, if there are higher traffic there, user pc can directly choose band 5 or vice versa? Thank you

wfqk by Level 5
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Hi All,currently iam working on a migration of Cisco wlc 2504 to 3504.we are using radius authentication with windows NPS to authenticate clients. when i am trying to connect the SSID, computer prompt me to enter the user name and password. once i en...

Hello,I am completely new to Cisco and networking and I've been tasked with setting up a new WIFI system for my company, I am in a test environment currently and need to get it working before I start to deploy the access point around the building. To...

Our business has free WiFi offered to our clientele. When they try to connect, they are presented with a terms & conditions page. Upon agreement the user is connected and redirected to the URL. This works perfectly on an iPhone, but Android users are...

ratputin by Level 1
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Hi,We are using cisco wlan controller 2504. Some of our clients (laptops, iphones) seems from the wlc that they are getting ip address but from the client it seems to have no ip and no internet access. This happens with microsoft dhcp server. If I co...

WiFi is dropping on our public wifi every 15 minutes - automatically disconnects the user. There are two wifi profiles setup, visitor and psk. Is there an area on cisco controller where this setting might be setup? If so, where? It is a cisco 5520 co...

I have 2 WLCs 5520 HA , When moving from tab to another tab it take long time. I tried to use different browser like Chrome, internet explorer and FireFox but i found same issue.IOS software: 8.3.143Thank you

We are migrating our wireless network from autonomous to Mobility Express. We currently have 14 Cisco Aironet 1602e access points running in autonomous mode. We have 8 Cisco Aironet 1852e access points running Mobility Express (2 act as the WLC). I k...

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