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Cisco AP1562E: How to use access point 1562E in a mesh deployment to determine the cleanest channel to use.

Hi, I would like to know how to use the 1562E access point to determine the cleanest channel to use. The AP1562E does not support the "Spectrum Expert" mode, so which mode should I use to verify the air quality? These AP1562E support the clean-air fu...


Hi,   Has anyone had any experience of deploying directional antennas instead of omni's in open plan office environments with 10ft ceilings.   The particular environment has multiple floors across 4 building with Atrium's between the building where s...

Mesh behind P2P link

Hello, I'm designing an outdoor solution for an O&G company and I need to provide 2 things. The first one is a point-to-point link between 5Km to 10Km, and the second one is a WiFi Mesh solution behind the P2P link provided previously. I read that AP...

Resolved! Mobility Anchor vs Guest Anchor with WLC 7500

Hello   Release-note says  "WLC7510 cannot be configured as a guest Anchor". I wonder if a WLC7510 can be configured as a simple "Mobility Anchor" , i.e. an Anchor for Wlan  with Layer2 authentication (No  Layer3 guest authentication).   Could you pl...

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Problem Aironet 1852e AP with Android 6.0.1

Hello, we had Cisco 1240 Accesspoints with wep encryption algorithm. There are 3 Win7 devices and Cat S60 smartphones with Android 6.0.1. The smartphones connected over the Wlan to a Webserver. Now we replaced the 1240 AP with 1852 AP. One of them is...

Acces point to controller association.

I have a controller with code 8.3.133. Currently have 388 AP associations, if i reboot the controller about 60-70 will associate with another controller is knows about from previous association. I theory how long after the controller comes back onlin...

WLC Upgradation HA Mode

Dear All, Hope you all are doing well. Please help me in the bolw. We have Cisco WLC 5508 configured in HA mode, existing S/W Ver is field recovery image, total no of APs are 244.This is local switching setup (Flex Connect). W...

Resolved! 3504 WLC - Hot spot feature

Hi,   Just a quick question:   Could we make Hot-spot via Cisco 3504 WLC ?   i.e. like in hotels/airports when we try to access Wi-Fi one small web page pop-up and ask basic details and allow limited quota of internet 1-2Mb.     Thanks

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