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Hi All,I have a scan of vulnerabilities (Qualys) on my network that detected TLS version 1.1 running on DNA Center on ports TCP 443 and 9005.My DNA Center is a 3 node cluster running version've disabled following this instruction: ...

Hi Guys,   I have a DNAC dr 2 node setup on and one of the nodes failed due to a memory issue. It failed to the secondary but the main site was frozen for about a week. I have tried to re-join the cluster and also pause the cluster but i get ...

現在Prime Infrastractureを導入しているお客様がおり、DNA Centerへのリプレイスを検討しています。PI利用は東京なのですが、大阪のメンバーがコンバート検証を行おうとしています。検証DNA Centerがインターネット接続できる状態であれば大阪側でも対応は可能、の認識で間違いないでしょうか。

Dojima by Level 1
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Hi,I'm trying to setup a new backup for our DNAC and keep consistently getting this error message.    Error during _process_backup(): Internal server error: {"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"snapshot_creation_exception","reason":"[ndp:cba0c672-c478-49...

jamesytn by Level 1
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