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Hello dears, I've an issue with UCCX(12.5). Some calls are being dropped. Customer calls IVR , goes to queue and waits, once the agent free up script play prompt (about connection to agent), agent phone receives small ring(second,even less) and call ...

hello everyone I'm having an issue when generating a specific report on UCCX. I tested on version 11.0 and later upgraded to 11.5, but the error is the same. The error is the following: "Report execution failed. retry running the report and if the ...

Greetings, Can you provide the URL and Body example to update a campaign via the Outbound API.  I am able to Create Campaign, Get Campaign Definition, Get Campaign Records, Import Campaign Records, Delete Campaign Records, and Delete Campaign, but th...

galguire by Level 4
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Hi,   We have UCCE solution and while agent trying to conference the call of customer with an IVR application using CTI RP it is failing. Up on checking we found the CVP log returning user.microapp.error_code: 10 and conference is not happening. As p...

Hi everyone,  I'm currently experiencing a high CPU utilization on the UCCX (Pub and Sub) and I am trying to increase the CPU to fix the issue. My question is, to minimize downtime can the procedure be done one by one (Publisher first then once up a...

malerr by Level 1
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I have script with toll free number(sip) the caller sometimes hear all audio prompts in menu, and sometime hear some audio prompts which not stable, but when I dial internally the trigger it is stable and I can hear all audio prompts in menu, What co...

matee by Level 1
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Hi there, Hoping im posting in the right space, it has been a while. We are currently building out Webex CC in our sandbox. The typical inbound voice items are no issues however a skillset challenge is occuring on the chatbot. Whilst there are templa...

a.gooding by Level 5
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